The Honorable Leon Grizzard, Magistrate Court

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The Specialty Docket provides thoughtful and appropriate consideration of defendants’ mental health issues as they relate to criminal conduct, with a goal of reducing recidivism, improving lives through appropriate treatment and services.

Dispositions cover the full range of criminal justice outcomes from dismissal following compliance with a set of conditions (medication, treatment, services, etc.), probation, jail, state jail and/or prison.


Dockets are held twice per week. A team including Integral Care (IC), Pretrial Services, TCSO counseling, the prosecuting attorney and the defense attorney staff cases for appropriate services, treatment and disposition.

  • Priority Population mental health diagnosis
  • Must be a connection between mental illness and commission of offense
  • Defendants who have been screened and identified by the Travis County Sheriff’s Office as having mental health issues and who are incarcerated
  • Some non-violent cases are automatically placed on this docket after a screening by jail staff
  • Cases not automatically assigned may apply through the DA’s Office with the permission of the assigned prosecutor and District Judge whose court has jurisdiction over the case. If there is a victim involved, DA will only allow if victim consents

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