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Travis County Code Development Requirements

Applying for a Development Permit
Travis County TNR accepts applications for development via a web-based portal at MyPermitNow.

LCRA Highland Lakes Watershed Ordinance (HLWO)
Travis County has adopted by reference the LCRA Technical Manual as criteria governing storm water management in the county’s western watersheds.

City of Austin Environmental Criteria Manual (ECM)
Travis County has adopted by reference the City of Austin Environmental Criteria Manual as technical guidelines governing storm water management in the county’s eastern watersheds.

County Attorney Environmental Enforcement

Requirements for Storm Water Pollution Prevention

Travis County TNR is required by federal and state law to ensure that development in the unincorporated areas of Travis County adheres to storm water pollution prevention plan (SWP3) requirements. To implement these requirements, applicants must provide either a SWP3 Summary or a SWP3 Summary along with the SWP3.

Overview of SWP3
SWP3 Summary Form
SWP3 Summary Form Instructions

Storm Water Management Inter Local Agreements

Travis County has entered into cooperative agreements with several local jurisdictions to address regulatory roles in areas of shared jurisdiction. These agreements help ensure staff and programs cover all areas and eliminates unnecessary overlap.

Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA)

City of Austin

City of Pflugerville

County Attorney Environmental Enforcement

County Storm Water Management Program (SWMP) documents

First Term Permit Documents

Notice Of Intent

2007 – 2012 Stormwater Management Program

Notice of Change (NOC), 2009

Travis County Public Notice TXR040327

Travis County MS4 Permit #TXR040327

TCEQ Authorization Letter

SWMP Annual Report - Year 1

SWMP Annual Report - Year 2

SWMP Annual Report - Year 3

SWMP Annual Report - Year 4

SWMP Annual Report - Year 5

SWMP Annual Report - Year 6

Second-Term Permit Documents

Notice of Intent 

2013 – 2018 Storm Water Management Program 

TCEQ Authorization Letter 

SWMP Annual Report - Year 1 (including Year 7 Annual Report from 1st term)

Authority from 2009 Texas Legislature
Texas Local Government Code, Title 13, Subtitle C, Chapter 573, Section 573.001 - Authority of Certain Counties and Districts to Regulate Storm Water Management

TCEQ Storm Water General Permits
This TCEQ webpage has access all currently issued storm water related general permits associated with small urban areas, industrial activities, and construction activities

Federal Links & Resources

Storm Water Management in Texas

Additional Local and Regional Links

Storm water Resources

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Environmental Quality Program Manager

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