Storm Water Videos Broadcast on Travis County's Cable Channel 17- September 2018 Schedule

The following information is presented for public education as part of Travis County's Storm Water Management Program (SWMP) required by the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

The following videos presented by Iowa Public Television will be broadcast during the time blocks listed below:

  1. Water Quality- Examines the threat pollutants have on water quality, and challenges the viewers to make a difference.
  2. Working Landscapes- Examines working landscapes as a way of sustaining our fragile ecosystems.

September 1st- 8:30 am
September 2nd- 3:00 pm
September 3rd- 11:00 am

The following videos presented by the EPA and the TCEQ will be broadcast during each time block listed below:

  1. Building Green (EPA)- A success story in Philadelphia- embracing green techniques to infiltrate, capture, and treat storm water on site.
  2. Reduce Runoff (EPA)- Discusses green techniques on how to make our society more sustainable.
  3. River Smart Homes (EPA)- Getting smart about runoff in Washington, D.C.- riverfront homeowners implement environmentally friendly landscaping practices to save historic rivers.
  4. Building a Rain Barrel (TCEQ)- How to build a homemade rain barrel for rain harvesting.
  5. Composting in Your Back Yard (TCEQ)- How to compost at home and how this practice can reduce the amount of waste that goes to our landfills.
  6. Program Success of the Take Care of Texas Campaign (TCEQ)- Discusses the objectives and successes of the ‘Take Care of Texas’ campaign.
  7. Simple Ways to Take Care of Texas (TCEQ)- Discusses the population growth in Texas and how this will impact air quality, the demand for water, landfill space, and electricity. It also discusses simple steps we can take to help address these issues now.

September 5th- 10:00 pm
September 6th- 12:30 pm & 6:00 pm
September 7th- 8:00 am & 8:30 pm
September 8th- 8:30 am
September 9th- 3:00 pm
September 10th- 11:00 am

The video titled, 'Texas, The State of Flowing Water', presented by TEXAS Parks & Wildlife, explores the importance of water for people and for wildlife, examines the threat facing Texas' water and how to protect it, and outlines simple steps people can take to avoid water shortages. It will be broadcast on the following dates/ times:

September 12th- 10:00 pm
September 13th- 12:30 pm & 6:00 pm
September 14th- 8:00 am & 8:30 pm
September 15th- 8:30 am
September 16th- 3:00 pm
September 17th- 11:00 am

The video titled, ‘Inspector McCloud’, presented by the City of Laredo & the EPA (in both English & Spanish), is a cartoon featuring water quality themed characters that save the day by stopping pollution that is threatening the Rio Grande. The video covers general facts about the water system in terms of how pollution and runoff affects water quality. This video will be aired with 'H2O Jo Takes a Ride Through the Storm Drain', presented by the City of Boulder, CO. The city's 'Keep it Clean' campaign, designed to be used locally as well as statewide, is a coordinated program that reinforces common messages on ways to protect our water resources. They will be broadcast together on the following dates/ times:

September 19th- 10:00 pm
September 20th- 12:30 pm & 6:00 pm
September 21st- 8:00 am & 8:30 pm
September 22nd- 8:30 am
September 23rd- 3:00 pm
September 24th- 11:00 am

The video titled, 'Texas, The State of Water', presented by Texas Parks & Wildlife, explores the present state of water resources in our state, takes an in-depth look at individual water systems such as the parched deserts in the west to the rich swamps of the east, and examines how these separate elements are really part of a complex, interconnected ecosystem. This video also raises awareness of the demands being placed on the aquifers, rivers, and bays of Texas. It will be broadcast on the following dates/ times:

September 26th- 10:00 pm
September 27th- 12:30 pm & 6:00 pm
September 28th- 8:00 am & 8:30 pm
September 29th- 8:30 am
September 30th- 3:00 pm

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