Once you obtain your TPDES permit coverage, it is important to stay in compliance with all of the requirements described in your SWPPP. The following are some of the most commonly occurring violations that result from incomplete adherence to a SWPPP:

  • Failure to complete employee training
  • Failure to maintain receipts/manifests from bulk fuel delivery and waste oil disposal
  • Failure to maintain adequate Spill Control and Countermeasure materials
  • Incomplete Quarterly Inspections and Sampling
  • Inaccurate or out-of-date Site Maps, Exposed Materials list, etc.
  • Failure to follow Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Housekeeping protocols

Complying with a TPDES SWPPP need not be time-consuming or onerous. Incorporate SWPPP-required tasks into your employees’ regular duties and schedules. This will ensure that your business fulfills all the requirements correctly within set time-frames.