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Volume I

Section One - Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Section Two – Appendix I - Financial Summaries and Charts

Recapitulation of the Adopted Budget
Where Does the Money Come From? – All Funds
Where Does the Money Go? - All Funds
Where Does the Money Come From? – General Fund
Where Does the Money Go? – General Fund
FY 08 – FY 10 Adopted General Fund Department Budgets
Position Changes List
Staffing Comparison in FTE’s, General Fund and Special Funds
Reserve Ratio of General Fund and Debt Service Combined
Capital Funded Through CAR
Computers/Software Budgeted Centrally in ITS
Vehicles and Heavy Equipment Budgeted Centrally in TNR
Projects Funded Through New Certificates of Obligation
Projects Funded Through Existing Certificates of Obligation
Projects Funded Through FY10 Voter Approved Bonds
Projects Funded from Other Funds
Approved Earmarks on Allocated Reserves and CAR Reserve
Combined Balance Sheet
Combined Revenues and Expenditures Statement
Tax Rate Comparison
Taxes on the Average Homestead
Net Taxable Value of Travis County Property
Historical Property Tax Graphs

Section Three - Departmental Budgets

Justice and Public Safety
Health, Human and Veterans Services
Transportation and Natural Resources
General Government and Support Services

Section Four – Appendix II – Revenue Estimate & Other Material

Financial and Budgeting Guidelines (Revised January 30, 2001)
Debt Policy
Budget Guidelines (Revised February 17, 2009)
Revenue Estimate

Volume II - Line Item Detail

Table of Contents
Summary of Funds
Budget Orders
Line Item Revenue Estimate
Line Item Expenditure Budget

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