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Options for Handling Cases

All violations listed on citations issued in Austin are criminal, even those issued to juveniles.

There are eligibility requirements for some options.

Handling of Criminal Cases (for those 17 years old or older at time of citation)


Payment is recorded as a plea of “no contest” and waiver of trial by judge or jury, a conviction is entered and the conviction is reported to DPS.

if you want to pay but do not have the money for the entire amount at this time, contact the court to see if you are eligible for other arrangements.

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3 accepts many different payment methods and offer many ways for you to make your payments. We accept cash (American dollars), money orders, cashiers checks, personal checks (from American banks in American dollars), and the following major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. See if and when your payment has been applied by locating your case.


El pago se registra como una declaración de "no impugnación" y renuncia al juicio por parte del juez o jurado, se ingresa una condena y se informa la condena al DPS.

si desea pagar pero no tiene el dinero por el monto total en este momento, comuníquese con la corte para ver si es elegible para otros arreglos.

El Juez de Paz, Precinto 3 acepta muchos métodos de pago diferentes y le ofrece muchas maneras de realizar sus pagos. Aceptamos efectivo (dólares estadounidenses), giros postales, cheques de caja, cheques personales (de bancos estadounidenses en dólares estadounidenses) y las siguientes tarjetas de crédito principales: Visa, MasterCard, Discover y American Express. Vea si su pago se ha aplicado y cuándo localizando su caso .

IMPORTANT! You must read below

Online payments require the defendant to waive his/her right to a jury trial and enter a plea of nolo contendere (no contest) or guilty. Doing this will result in a conviction if applicable. Final convictions will be reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety for inclusion on your driving record.

  • Only full payments and payments on previously approved payment plans may be paid online with any major credit card.
  • Cases are updated immediately upon payment.

Keep Case off Record Without Trial

Plea “no contest” and, if eligible, complete a Driver Safety Course or Deferred Disposition so that if successfully completed, your case will be dismissed.


You must present proof to the court of current insurance and valid identification or a non-commercial drivers license.

The court offers the option to “defer” or postpone the disposition of your case and place you on “probation” for a specified period of time. During the deferral period, you must comply with the terms and conditions of your deferral. Terms vary. Please be aware the type of offense you have been charged with, the facts of your particular case and/or your criminal history may be considered to determine if you are eligible for a deferral. Offense categories that may be eligible for a deferral option include: moving violations, bicycle and non-motorized vehicle offenses, no insurance violations, no driver’s license/invalid driver’s license violations, disabled parking, and water safety violations.

If you successfully comply with the terms of your deferral in the time frame ordered by the Court, your case will be dismissed.

If any requirements are not met and you cannot provide a satisfactory reason why, at a hearing before a judge, you may be found guilty. If your offense is reportable to the Department of Public Safety (DPS), the Court will provide notice of conviction to DPS.


You are not eligible for a deferred disposition on a moving violation if you:

  • Are charged with:
    • Leaving the scene of a collision.
    • Passing a School Bus.
    • Speeding 25 mph or more above the posted speed limit or speeds greater than 94 mph.
  • Received your citation while driving in a Construction Zone when workers were present.
  • Have a commercial driver license even if the violation occurred while you were driving a private vehicle.

It is important to keep the Court notified of your current mailing address so you do not miss important correspondence.

Appearance at Court Required

You must appear at court to request a deferred disposition if:

  • You are a juvenile (under the age of 17). As a juvenile, you must appear in person at the date and time assigned by the court prior to requesting a deferred disposition. Keep your address updated with the Court because notices will be mailed
  • You are charged with a code violation (violation other than traffic, parking, “no insurance”, no driver license or driving with license invalid, seat belt). You may contact the court to determine if you are required to attend an appearance docket.
Failing to Comply with the Terms

If you fail to comply with any of the requirements of the Deferred Disposition, your case will be set for a Show Cause hearing. The hearing is your opportunity to speak with a judge regarding why you failed to comply with terms of your deferred disposition. If you fail to appear at your hearing, a conviction will be entered, the conviction will be placed on your record, and, if there is still a balance on the case, a warrant for your arrest will be issued.

Show Proof of Compliance

There are certain violations that may be dismissed if you provide proof to the court.

Some cases for specific violations may be dismissed depending on various legal circumstances. Usually if the violation is fixed and/or proof is shown by the appearance date on your citation, the case can be dismissed.

Dismissal Requirement and Cost per Violation

View information on common violations associated with compliance dismissals, as well as necessary proof and court fines associated with the dismissal. There may be other legal circumstances or violations that may be dismissed upon showing proof or bringing into compliance; however, please obtain the services of an attorney licensed in Texas to obtain legal advice. Court clerks cannot provide legal advice.

Trial by Judge or Jury

Enter a written plea of “not guilty” along with the case number and your signature. A court docket date will be given to you if you enter a plea in person or mailed to you if you plea by mail or email.

Handling of Juvenile Cases (16 years or younger at time of  citation)

You must appear in Court with your parent(s) or guardian(s). A court docket notice will be mailed to the address on your citation. 

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JP3 reserves the right to adjust filing fees. Fees may be adjusted contingent on the accuracy of "Filing Codes" or "Optional Services" elected by the filer.