Visitation Dispute Resolution Program

The Travis County Visitation Dispute Resolution Program is designed to help parents reach an agreement for visitation.


  • Assist parents to communicate with each other regarding their visitation and establish quality cooperative parenting between the parents for their children’s benefit.
  • Reduce conflict that affects visitation and create solutions.

Program Requirements

Any parent or guardian may apply for services as long as the following requirements are met:

  • No litigation may be pending.
  • Applicant must provide program staff with up-to-date contact information and addresses for both parties. Applicants are asked to attend scheduled appointments and should notify staff if unable to attend.
  • Both parties must be willing to cooperate with the program recommendations.

Important Information

  • The other party will be contacted informing them of your application with the Visitation Dispute Resolution Program.
  • It is the policy of this office to attempt to resolve disputes by attempting to negotiate an agreement. Every reasonable effort will be made to resolve the visitation dispute.
  • If at any time you believe the only recourse is litigation, contact a private attorney or the Travis County Law Library.
  • The Visitation Dispute Resolution Program does not take cases to court for Enforcement or Modification of Court Orders.

Apply for Visitation Dispute Resolution Center

In Person

1010 Lavaca Street Austin, TX, 78701 (Map)

By Mail

P.O Box 1495 Austin, TX, 78767