A complete list of forms can be found at the bottom of this page. Please read the instructions below to ensure that you select the correct form and follow the proper procedures for submitting your forms.

Child & Medical Support Payments

If your child and medical support payments are being made through the State Disbursement Unit in San Antonio you must go to the Office of the Attorney General web site to download the applicable form.

Application for Child Support Enforcement Packet:

To obtain enforcement services for child support and medical support on cases with an original order date before 7/1/2009, or visitation enforcement services, you must fill out an Enforcement Application form and an Affidavit of Direct Payment form (if applicable) and return it to Domestic Relations.

Cases with court order dates after 7/1/2009 are handled by the Texas Attorney General's Office. If your original court order was signed after 7/1/09, the case will be automatically enforced with no requirement for an application to DRO.

Affidavit of Direct Payment

After the date of your court order, if you received payments directly from the payer and not through the Travis County Domestic Relations Office or the State Disbursement Unit, the Affidavit of Direct Payment must be completed and returned to the Domestic Relations Office. This form must be completed and signed in front of a notary.

Intake Form & Request to Establish an Account

Every person that pays or receives child support must fill out an Intake Form and Request to Establish an Account in order for an account to be established at the Domestic Relations Office.

Domestic Relations is the office in Travis County that is responsible for furnishing the State Disbursement Unit (SDU) with the information that they need to process your payments. If you are court ordered to pay child support through the SDU in San Antonio, you still must submit this form to Travis County Domestic Relations.

You must provide social security numbers so that we can issue the income withholding order to the employer. Employers will not accept income withholding orders without a social security number. This information is kept confidential and is not available to the public.

These forms are also available on yellow paper at the Domestic Relations Office, 1010 Lavaca, and at the District Clerk's Office, Family Section, in the Travis County Courthouse. You can mail the forms to:

Domestic Relations
PO Box 1495,
Austin, Texas 78767

You may also fax this form to Domestic Relations at (512) 854-9816 or deliver the form in person to 1010 Lavaca across the street from the Courthouse.

Any questions about the form should be directed to (512) 854-9696.


Family Law Forms

Family law forms with step by step instructions can be found on TexasLawHelp's website.

Mailing Address

Travis County Domestic Relations Office
P.O. Box 1495
Austin, Texas 78767

Building Location

1010 Lavaca
Austin, Texas 78701