For information on private providers who offer parenting time services such as neutral exchanges, supervised visitation or therapeutic visitation please see the list of providers. If you still need additional information please call the Domestic Relations Office at (512) 854-9623. We are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

List of Providers

Helping Children And Parents In Divorce Situations

Kids Exchange Network is a network of private providers administered by the Travis County Domestic Relations Office. This program helps children and their parents with parenting time issues who are experiencing difficulties with divorce or separation. The services can be ordered by the court to assure custodial or visitation terms of a decree are carried out.

Who Are We?

Kids Exchange Network is a group of dedicated professionals and students of the social sciences who try to make the world an easier place to live for children of divorce. Children need support most when their parents are preoccupied or in distress. So, Kids Exchange Network has created a unique exchange environment where they can feel safe and know that they don't have to be responsible for their parents. The children who are with Kids Exchange Network know that staff can do what they cannot…bridge the gap between their parents.

How Can Kids Exchange Network Help Me?

Kids Exchange Network can help parents who are separated, divorced or divorcing, or in paternity situations when…
Children need to go from one parent to the other parent without the parents meeting.

  • Children's time with a parent is restricted to monitored or structured settings, and you need someone to supervise the parent time.
  • A parent has been prevented from visiting his/her children in spite of a visitation court order.
  • A parent hasn't seen his/her children for some time and would like help in re-establishing a relationship with them.
  • A parent is concerned about the children's safety during visits with the other parent.

What Are The Costs?

Costs for services vary depending on the type of service.

What Services Does Kids Exchange Network Offer?

  • Exchanges - This service allows children to go from one parent to the other without the parents meeting. The exchanges take place at the provider’s premises.
  • Supervised Visitation – This service is generally court ordered and the Kids Exchange Network provider supervises the visit with parent and child solely as a neutral observer.
  • Therapeutic Visitation - This is generally court ordered therapy with parent and child.
  • Documentation - The provider keeps records of all exchanges and supervised visits.

But Do I Really Need Kids Exchange Network

Consider your children:

  • Are they being caught in emotional, physical or verbal crossfire when your former spouse comes over, or when you go to pick them up?
  • Children often feel divided loyalty when facing both parents after a divorce.
  • Children cover up pain and are often traumatized or anxious about exchanges.
  • Consider the convenience and peace of mind offered by the neutral exchange or by the provision of supervised visitations.
  • It's not necessary to have a court order to use Kids Exchange Network.
  • Often both parents, after learning about Kids Exchange Network, experience the relief of a healthy decision for their children.
  • Many parents who want to protect their children from unnecessary anxiety use Kids Exchange Network by mutual agreement.