Cooperative Parenting Forums

The entire series of Cooperative Parent Forums consist of six(6) modules:

Each forum is 90 minutes long.

Details and forms...

Forum #1: Parents, Children and the Court

Focuses on the benefits of ongoing, meaningful relationships between child and both parents; addresses some of the realities of the court's involvement in the lives of the parents, and also the limits of litigation and court intervention. Seeks to encourage mediation and compromise.

Forum #2: Positive Co-Parenting

Addresses many of the challenges facing children in "families apart." Parents discuss ways that children are "put in the middle" and exchange strategies for easing children's stress and anxiety.

Forum #3: Child Development

Examines ways that children are affected by family break-up and ongoing parental conflict at different stages and ages. Small-group discussions allow parents to share concerns and suggestions with others who have children of similar ages.

Forum #4: Communication

Addresses the need for ongoing communication between parents, but on new terms. Discussions center around support and boundaries, as well as what relationships are beneficial to you and your child.

Forum #5: Conflict Resolution

Examines strategies for tackling communication barriers and provides tips for resolving conflicts between parents. Exercises allow you to address difficulties between you and the co-parent.

Forum #6: Anger Management

Focuses on positive and negative aspects of anger and how to best respond to those feelings. Discussions surround anger awareness and alternative techniques for processing feelings and behaviors.