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We are the records keeper for the Travis County District Courts. We can provide you general information and records regarding Travis County District Court Cases. These cases are identified as D-1-GN, D-1-GV, D-1-FM, and D-1-AG for civil cases. Also D-1-DC and D-1-EX for criminal and criminal related cases.

We cannot provide any legal advice as we are not licensed attorneys.

  1. Electronically, which is state mandated for attorneys but pro se individuals can also use as well. One can set up an e-filing account with one of the available Service Providers at
  2. In person at 1000 Guadalupe St. Room 103 (for fee based documents) or Room 106 (for non-fee based documents)
  3. By mail to P.O. Box 679003 Austin TX 78767

This can be done in person or through the e-filing service.

NOTE: If you are e-filing the request, please do not use the actual document and/or order to make the request. If you wish to include these documents (which is not necessary as we have the document on file), then please use a cover letter. We also have an e-filed request form you can fill out.

Information regarding filing fees and forms is located for both Civil and Criminal Cases on the District Clerk Information & Resources page.

The District Clerk does not supply documents for filing. You may contact the Self-Help Reference Library at 314 West 11th St Austin TX 78701 1st Floor (PH) 512-854-8677 or you can also find documents located on the Texas Law Help website.

This includes certified and noncertified documents along with general case information.

For records requests please fill out the Disctrict Clerk Records Request form.

This is an online form that you can fill out and click on submit at the bottom. You will receive a transaction for you request.

This can only be done in person and only by the assigned attorney or individual parties involved in the case. Please be prepared to show the proper identification such as a driver’s license or attorney I.D.

This requires a signed order. The documents can be obtained at the Self-Help Reference Library located on the 1st floor of the Granger Building. 314 West 11th St, Austin, TX 78701

General questions can be answered by submitting them to [email protected].

To request a list of excess proceeds you can contact the main phone number at 512-854-9457.


Velva L. Price,
District Clerk

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