Gilleland and Walnut Creeks, in Travis County, have been identified as having elevated levels of E. coli bacteria. Health experts say swimming or ingesting water from water polluted by bacteria can cause a variety of intestinal illnesses, including stomach aches and diarrhea. Fecal bacteria can cause diseases such as gastroenteritis, ear infections, typhoid, dysentery, hepatitis A, and cholera. Therefore, it is important to decrease bacteria levels in waterways to protect human health and the environment.
To provide an incentive and address a potential source of elevated E. coli that may result from surface runoff from failing septic tank and drain field systems on individual lots. This refund is being offered to assist owners who choose a proactive remedy to address the problem rather than deferring action on repairs until cited in violation.

Travis County will refund a portion of the permit fee for residential or business owners who own property in the Gilleland and Walnut Creek watershed areas if the owner replaces the septic tank. Travis County will refund the following fees after applicable repairs are completed:

  • OSSF - Engineered Construction – $505
  • OSSF – Private Sewage Permit - $285
  • OSSF – Maintenance Contract Fee $100*

*For each 500 gallons per day (gpd) of design flow above the first 500 gpd, an additional $50 fee is assessed.

Development permit fees (varies based on flood plain presence and residential versus non-residential projects) for the OSSF permit to be valid will be refunded if applicable.

Not all of the above fees apply to every project. Depending on the type and size, fees assessed could be as little as $285 or as maximum of $1055. Each request for refund will be evaluated individually to ensure the maximum refund is awarded.

The following fees will not be refunded:

  • OSSF State Fee - $10
  • My Permits Now fee - $7-$10 (varies)
Both residential and business owners who currently use an on-site sewage facility and own property along the Gilleland and Walnut Creek watershed areas qualify for this refund. Refunds will be processed for property owners only; installers are not eligible to apply.

After all repairs have been completed, you must submit copies of receipts for all work that is complete, receipts for payment of the fees paid to Travis County, and copy of the final inspection report. All documentation must be submitted to:

Tony Truitt
Travis County
PO Box 1748
Austin, Texas 78767

January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2022
The last day to apply for the rebate is March 2, 2023. - 512-854-7596

Information from the City of Austin

For information about septic tank abandonment and cut over information:

Contact the City of Austin Taps Office 512-972-0000 for additional information.

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