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Welcome to Travis County Justice of the Peace, Precinct Two.

Since taking office in January 2015, Judge Slagle and the entire JP 2 team have made great strides in improving your Justice Court, with the goal of becoming the most efficient and technologically advanced Justice Court in the state of Texas. As the largest Justice Court in Travis County, we realize the importance of providing excellent service to our great community. We want members of the community to have their day in court as quickly as possible, while ensuring that their rights are preserved, and their tax dollars and resources are used wisely. Many of the improvements we have already made were achieved by repurposing existing county resources at JP 2. For example, many computer monitors that previously sat unused, have been relocated to our front lobby windows, and are now digitally displaying court documents. This allows members of the community to review and digitally sign documents where previously, they would have required printing. We have worked to find efficiencies using our existing assets, limiting the need to request additional resources from the County.

Our vision to be the most efficient Justice Court in the State begins by employing innovative technology and procedures into each of our processes. One key to achieving efficiency has been our paper-on-demand focus. When we say our goal is paper-on-demand, we are truly working to eliminate the need to print any paper from inception. If necessary, we will print any document on demand, but moving to a paperless office, greatly reduces the expenditure of tax dollars on paper products, allows us to do our part to conserve our limited natural resources, and greatly reduces the time spent waiting for your court date.

Lobby Improvements:

  • Computer kiosk stations that allow members of the community to quickly file their lawsuit or pay tickets.
  • Digital docket monitors that display all daily court information showing members of the community exactly when and where to go for each court setting.
  • Digital signage directing individuals where to go. (example: members of the community appearing for jury duty or for pretrial hearings)


Criminal Department Improvements:

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  • No paper is printed at any point in our criminal department, unless requested.
  • All criminal documents needing a judge's signature are viewed by the judge using a digital document queue and signed electronically.
  • All criminal correspondence with the court is now sent and received electronically.
  • Law enforcement officers now sign all complaints and affidavits digitally using digital signature pads rather than printed paper documents.
  • All warrants are now generated electronically, reviewed and signed digitally, and delivered via email to the Constable’s office.
  • Electronic signature pads are now used in the courtroom by prosecutors and defendants to sign court documents.

Civil Department Improvements:

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  • The majority of our civil court settings have been converted to a paper-on-demand process in which the Judge and all parties sign court documents digitally.
  • All civil documents needing a judge’s signature are viewed by the judge using a digital document queue and signed electronically.
  • We are currently transitioning to a process of using email for civil notices and correspondence rather than using stamps and envelopes.
  • Previously, this office printed hundreds of faxed documents sent to the court each week for various civil and criminal matters, we no longer print faxed documents. We now receive all faxed documents digitally via email and preserve them in our database.

deputy signing

We will continue to review our processes and locate areas in which we can become even more efficient. Above all, we want members of our community to know that they will receive their fair day in court at JP 2. In addition, we believe that we can shorten wait times, increase efficiency, and reduce dependence on our limited natural resources. The broad scope of jurisdiction in a Justice Court makes this a daunting task, but with continued effort and a hard-working, well-trained JP 2 team, we will be the most technologically advanced court in Travis County and a leader in judicial efficiency across the state. If you want to know more about our processes or receive a tour of JP 2, please feel free to reach out.

Randall Slagle
Justice of the Peace,
Precinct Two

10409 Burnet Road
Suite 180 Austin, TX 78758 (Map)


Office Hours:
8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Lobby Hours:
9:00 am to 1:00 pm


JP2 reserves the right to adjust filing fees. Fees may be adjusted contingent on the accuracy of "Filing Codes" or "Optional Services" elected by the filer