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The Domestic Relations Office handles specific areas of Family Law on behalf of the Travis County District Courts. Throughout this web site we will let you know what we do and try to answer any questions you may have.

Integrated Child Support Enforcement System (ICSS)

The Travis County Domestic Relations Office has entered into a contract with the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) to create an integrated child support system for Travis County.

This means that effective July 1, 2009 all new divorces and other suits affecting the parent child relationship that contain court ordered child and medical support will automatically go into a monitoring program at the Domestic Relations Office.

Domestic Relations will monitor these cases from their inception and if they go delinquent take actions to help bring them back into paying status.

For non-custodial parents, this will mean that DRO will help you keep current with your child support and will monitor your account and contact you should there be a discrepancy.

For custodial parents, it will mean you no longer have to make an application for child support enforcement, either with the OAG or DRO, as we will be monitoring closely and if the account needs enforcement will proceed immediately. We will also have access to the same collection tools as the OAG such as automatic interception of income tax refunds, new hire reporting and others. There is no application and no application fee associated with this program.


Automatic monitoring, no application required.


If you original order date is anytime before July 1, 2009 and you need our services you may still download an application for services from our forms page and we will start enforcement services once we receive your application.

Domestic Relations Vision Statement

babyTo foster parental involvement and to improve and enrich the lives and future of the children of Travis County through collaboration and cooperation with Judges, parents, employers and other agencies.
To minimize the amount and effects of litigation and parental conflict on children under the jurisdiction of the Travis County District Courts.

Hours & Location - Hours, location and a map to the Domestic Relations Office downtown.

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Other Services

Parenting Forumsgirl doll

The Cooperative Parenting Program (CPP) is a 9-hour series of six focus groups, which focus on the needs of children and parents in the aftermath of separation or divorce.

Helpful Information

Children's Bill of Rights

Marriage is a contract between adults, and when it ends, the matter is between the adults also. Yet no parental action has a greater impact on children. Children love their parents and want to be with them. Even in times of great stress, parents have a responsibility to conduct their legal affairs in a manner that will protect their children from adult conflicts.

Common Law Marriage

Information about Common Law Marriage

Not all states have laws like those in Texas which allow persons to marry legally without going through a licensing procedure and marriage ceremony. If you are considering moving to another state, or if you think you may have entered into a common law marriage in another state because of your actions in that state, you should seek legal counsel from a family law attorney in the state which you are interested in.

Guide for Divorcing Parents

The Travis County Law Library offers a Guide for Divorcing Parents

The Travis County District Courts have provided a guide for parents who wish to divorce without the benefit of assistance from an attorney.

S.M.I.L.E. smiley

Start Making It Livable for Everyone is an educational program for separating or divorced parents, with children under the age of eighteen.

S.M.I.L.E. brochure

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You're not alone, here are some other services who are here to help.

Visitation Services

Visitation Enforcement Services are offered as a part of Travis County's Cooperative Parenting Program.

Kids Exchange Network

The Kids Exchange Network is a network of private providers administered by the Travis County Domestic Relations Office. This program helps children and their parents with parenting time issues who are experiencing difficulties with divorce or separation. The services can be ordered by the court to assure custodial or visitation terms of a decree are carried out.