I-Jury™ - Travis County's Online Impaneling, or I-Jury™, is an award-winning program that allows you to answer your summons online. Whether you need to impanel, be excused, tell us about schedule conflicts, or let us know that you are no longer qualified for jury service in Travis County, I-Jury™ can handle it.

Impanel - To select and install a jury. Impaneling is the act of selecting a jury from the list of potential jurors.

Summons - A document issued by the court at the time a lawsuit is filed.


Adjudication - The act of giving a judicial ruling such as a judgment or decree.

Decree - Judgment

Motion - A formal request made to a judge for an order or judgment.

Oath of Surety - Guaranty of payment or performance if another fails to pay.

Pro Se - Latin for "for himself." A party to a lawsuit who represents him or herself.

Supersedeas Bond - Latin for "you shall desist." An order by an appeals court commanding a lower court not to enforce or proceed with a judgment or sentence pending the decision on the appeal or until further order of the appeals court.

Writ - A written order of a judge requiring specific action by the person to whom the writ is directed.

Source: Law.com legal dictionary