Supplemental Jury Assignment


Please go about your everyday activities (work, etc.) You must call the number listed below at the designated time to see if you are needed as a juror.

Panel: Supplemental Panel #1
Building: Main Courthouse, 1000 Guadalupe Street

Dear Juror:

Your summons response has been reviewed and you are now qualified to serve as a juror and have been assigned to a supplemental panel. Supplemental panels comprise reserve jurors and are used only as needed.

Please note the following:

IMPORTANT: BEFORE REPORTING, You must CALL (512) 854-9270 on your anticipated report date to see if your trial has been set, delayed or cancelled to avoid an unnecessary trip to the courthouse. When you call you will be given clear and detailed instructions concerning where, when, and whether you are to report.

DO NOT SCHEDULE ANY ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES STARTING ON OR AFTER THE ANTICIPATED REPORT DATE YOU WERE ASSIGNED. This is to ensure your availability for the anticipated trial period. The conflict dates you submitted on your reporting form were accommodated, and this trial assignment should not interfere with those activities. We recommend you write your jury assignment on your personal calendar as a reminder.

WE ARE UNABLE TO CHANGE OR RESCHEDULE THIS ASSIGNMENT. You are expected to report as directed above. If a health emergency arises that prevents you from reporting please call (512) 854-9010 for assistance.

UNFORTUNATELY, THERE IS NO RESERVED PARKING FOR JURORS AT THIS COURTHOUSE. We encourage you to use Capital Metro for transportation. You can contact Capital Metro at (512) 474-1200 or for more information. You may also find the Google Transit search engine useful. You are welcome to make other transportation arrangements as best fit your needs. Allow sufficient time for the trip to the courthouse. If you are selected as one of the jurors to serve on the jury trial, you will be provided with a parking permit from the court beginning the second day of service.

EXPECT TO GO THROUGH SECURITY SCREENING when you report. The security system is similar to that found at an airport. We recommend you leave behind pocketknives or any other sharp or pointed objects.

YOU HAVE NOT YET BEEN SELECTED TO BE A JUROR. You are reporting for jury selection. If you are concerned that serving as a juror will cause you economic hardship, you will have the opportunity to bring this issue to the attention of the judge.

Most importantly, THANK YOU for performing this essential service for our community.

Velva L. Price,
District Clerk