Judge: Sherry Statman, Presiding Judge
Location: Municipal Court, 700 E. 7th St., Austin, TX 2nd floor, Courtroom 2b
Contact: (512) 974-4800, or court@austintexas.gov 

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City of Austin Municipal Court Juror Notice (Revised 06/13/18)

Dear Jury Panel Member:

Your juror registration form has been reviewed and shows that you are qualified to serve as a juror. You have been assigned to Austin Municipal Court. It is your legal duty to report as directed. Failure to report may result in a special appearance before a judge and a substantial fine. If an emergency arises that prevents you from reporting, please call (512) 974-4800 as soon as possible. Any other excuses can be presented to the judge at the scheduled time.

Do not schedule any additional activities starting on or a day after the report date. Most trials at Municipal Court conclude in one day or less. The conflict dates you submitted were accommodated and this trial assignment was chosen outside of the dates indicated.

Limited reserved parking for Jurors:


Municipal Court is located on 7th Street just west of I-35 and has 21 reserved parking spaces for jurors to park at no cost. The parking lot (Public Parking next to the gas station) is located on 7th Street directly across from the main entrance to Municipal Court. The spaces are marked with signs “Municipal Court Juror Parking Only”. Place a copy of this Jury assignment notice on the front dashboard of your vehicle so that it can be read through the windshield while parked in these spaces. Please also print your first and last name on this notice. All unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense if this notice is not in your window with your name on it and you are not in a space designated as juror parking. You must pay for parking if not in a designated juror space.

There is security screening at the Courthouse similar to that found at an airport. It is recommended that you leave behind any items that may cause an issue, including pocketknives.

The Court is a free WIFI site. You may use your laptop in Courtroom 2b. However, once you are called to the adjoining courtroom, laptops and cell phones may not be used.

In the case of inclement weather or any other circumstances which may delay the opening of City Departments to include the Municipal Court, please call 311 to verify hours of operation.

Most importantly, THANK YOU for performing this essential service to your community.

 Velva L. Price
District Clerk