When you drink and drive (or get into a motor vehicle with someone else who has been drinking) you are taking an unnecessary risk that can lead to your death. Drinking alcohol slows down your reflexes and impairs your judgment. You are more likely to crash your car or truck when you drive drunk or are intoxicated on drugs (either drugs of abuse like cocaine or methamphetamine or prescription drugs like Valium, methadone, Ambien, etc.)

Mixing drugs and alcohol is even more dangerous. You may seriously injure yourself or other people.

Last year in Travis County, 27 people died as the result of drunk drivers. In another four cases, alcohol was involved, but the person's alcohol test came back lower than the legal limit of intoxication. In many other cases, crashes occurred and injured people, but they survived. Don't become a statistic, or make someone else a statistic. Don't drink or do drugs and drive. If you drive drunk and kill someone else, you may go to jail for a long time. These deaths are preventable.

Below is a graph of how intoxicated people were when they were killed in a crash. The legal limit of intoxication here in Texas is 0.08% blood alcohol concentration. As the graph shows, 27 people in 2009 were legally intoxicated (drunk) when they were killed.

Blood alcohol concentration in the victim when alcohol is detected in traffic fatalities in Travis County, 2009.

As the following graph shows, in most of the fatal crashes, it is the driver of the motor vehicle who is killed.

Role of the victim in 2009 Travis County fatalities in which alcohol was detected in the victim.

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