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Learn about the different types of approved driveways, and how to get a permit to build a driveway on a maintained county right-of-way.

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Technical Standards

Travis County follows the City of Austin Type II, Driveway Standards, or applicants can submit a seal site specific design.

  • Driveways shall conform to the City of Austin TCM requirements for commercial driveways.
  • Driveways cannot be closer than 60% of the parcel frontage or 50’, whichever is closer, to an intersecting right-of-way.
  • Only 2 driveway approaches are allowed per street per property, and they must have at least a distance of 35’ inside edge to inside edge for curb and gutter streets or 100’ center to center for all other types.
  • Driveway approaches must be paved with concrete.
  • The angle of approach shall be approximately 90 degrees.
  • Ditch line grading and installation of driveways must ensure positive drainage for the entire length of property.
  • The grade on all driveway approaches shall not exceed 15%, unless otherwise approved by Travis County.
  • The line-of-sight 35 MPH roadway is 250’.
  • There is a 2% max slope at sidewalk crossing

Driveway Approaches for Rural Roads

Straight Tie-In

Used when there is no roadside ditch section.

Straight Tie-In


Used when the roadside ditch is less than 12” deep.

Dip Style

Culvert Style

Used when the roadside ditch is more than 12” deep.

Key standards:

  • Corrugated metal pipe is the only culvert pipe material permitted for use in the right-of-way.
  • Culvert pipe must be at least 18” diameter, or a 15” high x 21” wide oval pipe (Design 2), placed at the proper grade to ensure positive roadside drainage.
    • If this size or larger culvert cannot be placed per regulations, then a dip style driveway must be constructed.
  • Culvert style driveways must include concrete safety end treatments to protect the culvert pipe and to ensure traffic safety.

Culvert style

Culvert style

Driveway Approaches on Curb-and-Gutter Roads

Key standards:

  • The grade of driveway may not exceed 2% where the sidewalk crosses the driveway.
  • If a curb inlet is present there must be 10’ between the inlet opening and the edge of the driveway curb return.

Culvert style

Application Process


Verify Your Address

Driveways connecting to a maintained Travis County road require a Travis County Driveway Permit.

Driveways connecting to a state road require a TxDOT permit. Information on this page does not apply to those roads.

Travis County does not issue permits for driveways connecting to unmaintained/unaccepted roads.

To verify what city and county your property is located in, use the Jurisdiction Web Map.


Gather Required Information

The following information is needed to complete your application:

  1. Address
  2. Legal description of the property from Travis Central Appraisal District (TCAD)
    • Lot #
    • Block
    • Phase and section
    • Property ID (PID)
  3. Classify the driveway usage as residential or non-residential
  4. Classify the driveway approach as culvert style, dip-style, or curb and gutter style
  5. Provide the number of driveways and their approximate width at the property/right-of-way line
  6. Proposed construction start date
  7. Estimated date of construction

Unsure about required information or documents?

Our new tool Camino can help. Answer a few questions to get a personalized list of what you need for your application.

This version of Camino is a beta release and is intended as a supplemental tool to learn about likely requirements for your project. We have tried to build the tool to accurately capture the required steps, information, and documentation depending on the unique nature of your project, but it is NOT a substitute for Travis County Code or any other laws and regulations.

Please see TCAD Disclaimer here.


Collect Required Documents

Please collect all documents listed below:

  1. Residential Checklist
  2. Site plan that includes:
    • Property boundaries
    • Existing/proposed structures, including
      • Mailboxes
      • Guardrails
      • Drainage inlets
      • Etc.
    • Proposed driveway location with distance from lot corners and between the edge of pavement and property lines
  3. Access/roadway easement, if driveway requires access from a property not owned by the applicant
    • Applicant accepts responsibility/liability for damages to any/all properties associated with the installation.
  4. Platted Easements (if applicable)

Create an Account

Travis County uses a permitting website to process development permits.

Once you complete all previous steps, please proceed to create a permitting account.


Apply for Your Permit

Once your account is created and phone number verified, you can move on to filing your paperwork.

Please have all the requirements in previous steps handy.

Start your online application.

Follow the instructions and steps provided within the platform.

In the “Select an Application Type” step, select “Driveway (Residential)”.


Check the Status of Your Application

As we review your application, you can track the progress in the permitting website.

All communication associated with your permit application will be conducted within the same website. Please monitor your email and queue for status updates or comments associated with your application.


Respond to Our Comments (if applicable)

If the County has provided comments on your application, action is required by you to address the comments. The review process will be paused until you have responded sufficiently to each comment.


Receive the Permit

Once your application is approved, you will receive an e-mail notification.

Post the permit somewhere visible from the public right of way (ROW) on your work site before you begin your project.


Schedule Inspections

Physical identification of property must be made within 48 hours after Driveway Permit Application submitted such as street marking or address board, which is preferred so it can double as a place to post permits and notices.

  • Driveway Approaches for Rural Roads
    • A field assessment will be done upon permit application to ensure the design meets the roadside conditions.
    • After permit approval, a pre-pour inspection is required to ensure construction will meet standards for final completion.
      • Failure to contact Travis County TNR for a required pre-pour inspection, or failure to construct the driveway approach to the approved County permit and standards may result in a notice to remove and replace.
  • Inspections are required for driveway approaches for Curb-and-Gutter Roads
    • Framing
    • Pre-pour
    • Final

Areas of Consideration

  • Ensure the property’s address is posted and visible from the street.

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References & Code

Relevant Travis County Code Chapters

Travis County Code:

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