January 1, 2014 changes

A few comments about the new and amended TRCP rules other than e-filing

  • Rule 502.1 & Rule 21(f)(2). Email addresses must be included on every one of your pleadings.
  • New Rule 21c. Privacy Protection for Filed Documents. Final Rule 21c had some changes from the draft rule that will significantly change how the Court handles some things:
    1. If you haven’t read the new rule, do. It will affect how you do things, too. (There’s a link on the main page of the Texas Supreme Court’s website.)
    2. The Court has signed a new Administrative Order Regarding the Filing of Annual and Final Accounts that mandates some new processes. The Order is attached (updated for 1/1/2014).
    3. Heirship orders will no longer include birth dates of minor heirs. Your applications should not do so either (but do indicate that any minor is a minor). The Court’s new dependent administration general information form – which is not filed – now includes information about the birth dates of minor heirs (updated for 1/1/2014).

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