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Civil Rights Unit and Conviction Integrity Unit Requests

Civil Rights Unit Case Review Intake Form

The Civil Rights Unit is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of allegations of criminal conduct involving a public servant’s injury or harm to an individual committed while the public servant was in the discharge of his or her duties. The majority of the Civil Rights Unit’s scope of work involves allegations related to an officer’s use of deadly force (shooting or non-shooting), use of non-deadly force and deaths while in custody. The Civil Rights Unit does not handle administrative or civil matters arising out of allegations of public servant misconduct or use of force.

Conviction Integrity Unit Review Intake Form

Please note the following:

  1. The Travis County District Attorney’s Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU) can only review convictions that occurred in Travis County. If you were convicted in another county, you will need to contact that county.
  2. The Travis County District Attorney’s office does not represent you in this matter and cannot give you legal advice. Information you provide on this form or any other communication with this office is not confidential as there is no attorney-client relationship.
  3. Should you have concerns about the information you wish to provide, or you need legal advice, you are strongly encouraged to seek out counsel before submitting this form. If you have an attorney, talk to your attorney before submitting this.
  4. The CIU will review cases regardless of whether you have an attorney or not.

Open Records Requests

Please be aware that the processing and fulfillment of public records requests may be delayed due to the emergency workforce reductions and modified operations that have been adopted as part of the County’s response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Pursuant to guidelines issued by the Texas Attorney General’s Office, the allowable time period for responding to requests under the Public Information Act does not include any calendar days upon which a governmental body’s administrative offices are closed or operating with only a skeleton crew, or the governmental body’s records cannot be accessed because its staff is either working remotely or is directly involved in the public health or epidemic response. Please see the Attorney General’s website for more information.

The Travis County District Attorney’s (TCDA) Office handles the prosecution of felony cases. Misdemeanors in Travis County are handled by the County Attorney.

If you need to make a request for documents related to a felony case, you may submit your written request in one of the following ways:

  • By e-mail to: [email protected]
  • By fax: 512-854-4206
  • By standard mail to the following address:

Travis County District Attorney’s Office
Attn: Open Records Division
P.O. Box 1748
Austin, Texas 78767

  • In person to the following address:

Travis County District Attorney’s Office
Ronald Earle Building
416 W. 11th Street
Austin, Texas 78701 (Map)

Please provide a specific description of the information or documents you are requesting to avoid the need for clarification. Examples of the descriptions that would be helpful to include are title of record, date of record, cause number, name of the defendant, and personal identifiers such as dates of birth or driver’s license number.

Annual Reports

Statistical Information

See the TCDA Office data charts (PDF).

refer to table 1: case filings by year since 2016
Table 1: Case Filings by Year Since 2016
YearCases FiledCases Charged with Indictment or Information
2018 14008 11000
2017 13108 11488
2016 12675 10292
refer to table 2: TCDA employees by gender
Table 2: TCDA Employees by Gender
GenderNumber of Employees
Male 72
Female 147
refer to table 3: TCDA employees by ethnicity
Table 3: TCDA Employees by Ethnicity
EthnicityNumber of EmployeesPercentage of Employees
Hispanic 65 29.7%
Native American 1 0.5%
Asian 4 1.8%
African American 27 12.3%
Caucasian 122 55.7%
refer to table 4: average community supervision sentences
Table 4: Average Community Supervision Sentences
Average Community Supervision Sentences 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
First Degree Felony 7.06 years 6.96 years 6.71 years 6.27 years 6.37 years
Second Degree Felony 6.00 years 6.12 years 5.71 years 4.95 years 4.73 years
Third Degree Felony 4.85 years 4.85 years 4.67 years 3.69 years 3.32 years
State Jail Felony 3.47 years 3.42 years 3.31 years 2.66 years 2.56 years
refer to table 5: division caseloads in 2018
Table 5: Division Caseloads in 2018
 Trial CourtGrand JurySpecial Victims Unit - Family ViolenceSpecial Victims Unit - Child AbuseSpecial Victims Unit - CivilWhite CollarPublic Integrity UnitJuvenile
Average Attorney Caseload 236 221 166 69 88 24 78 NA
Number of Jury Trials in 2018 39 NA 16 18 7 1 NA NA
Number of Bench Trials in 2018 13 NA NA 1 119 NA NA NA
refer to table 6: 2018 jury trial offenses
Table 6: 2018 Jury Trial Offenses
OffenseNumber of Trials in 2018
Murder 12
Robbery 2
Civil 7
Aggravated Assault 6
Engaging in Organized Crime 1
Theft 3
Drug 1
Sexual Assault 9
Burglary 3
Family Violence 15
Deadly Conduct 1
Tampering 1
Negligent Homicide 1
Child Abuse 17
Assault or Harassment of a Public Servant 2
refer to table 7: offense disposition by year
Table 7: Offender Dispositions by Year
YearNumber of Defendants with Felony Case FiledNumber of Defendants with Felony Case DisposedNumber of Defendants Sentenced to Texas Department of Criminal Justice (prison)Number of Defendants Sentenced to State Jail
2015 8955 8911 1164 837
2016 9156 9762 1242 810
2017 9455 10595 1076 693
2018 9398 10119 892 601
refer to table 8: jury trials by year
Table 8: Jury Trials by Year
YearNumber of Jury Trials
2015 55
2016 71
2017 90
2018 82
refer to table 9: drug cases as percentage of total caseload
Table 9: Drug Cases as Percentage of Total Caseload
YearAll Cases FiledDrug Cases FiledDrug Case as Percentage of Total CaseloadState Jail Felony Drug Cases FiledState Jail Felony Drug Cases as Percentage of All Drug CasesState Jail Felony Drug Cases as Percentage of All Total Caseload
2017 13150 4544 35% 2519 55% 19%
2018 14006 4508 32% 2518 56% 18%
2019 4905 1741 36% 825 47% 17%

2019 data 1/1/19 - 5/15/19

refer to table 10: apd drug case filings by year
Table 10: APD Drug Case Filings by Year
YearAPD Drug Cases FiledAPD State Jail Felony Drug Cases FiledAPD State Jail Felony Drug Cases as Percentage of All APD Drug Cases FiledAPD State Jail Felony Possession Cases FiledAPD State Jail Felony Possession Cases as Percentage of APD State Jail Drug Cases FiledAPD State Jail Felony Delivery Drug Cases FiledAPD State Jail Felony Delivery Drug Cases as Percentage of APD State Jail Drug Cases Filed
2017 3603 2023 56% 1870 92% 153 8%
2018 3343 1913 57% 1779 93% 134 7%
2019 1169 570 49% 543 95% 27% 5%

2019 data 1/1/19 - 5/15/19

Adult Sexual Assault

refer to table 11: percentage of adult sexual assault versus total criminal cases
Table 12: Percentage of Adult Sexual Assault vs Total Criminal Cases
YearTotal Criminal TrialsSexual Assault TrialsPercentage
2011 79 7 8.9%
2012 84 7 8.3%
2013 69 6 8.7%
2014 58 4 6.9%
2015 56 1 1.8%
2016 69 1 1.4%
2017 78 1 1.3%
2018 76 9 11.8%
2019 52 7 13.5%
refer to table 12: percentage of adult sexual assault
Table 13: Percentage of Adult Sexual Assault Line Chart
Percentage 8.9 8.3 8.7 6.9 1.8 1.4 1.3 11.8 13.5

State Jail Court

Asset Forfeiture Reports


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