The Travis County District Attorney's Office is now providing copies of offense reports to the attorney of record on most criminal cases as part of the discovery process. In order to become eligible to receive copies of offense reports, all attorneys must read the District Attorney's Discovery Policy and must print out and return a signed copy of the user agreement contained on pages seven and eight of the policy.

The policy contains all the information an attorney will need to know related to when a request may be made, what may be requested, and restrictions on the use and distribution of reports received through this process. Because the specific procedures for making a request may change over time, please read the following letter which is considered to be an addendum to the policy. The Discovery Policy letter sets out the procedures to be followed for making a request.

For now, email requests are not being accepted. All requests must be made in writing using the District Attorney's form.

Completed requests are to be dropped off with the second floor receptionist in the Thurman-Blackwell Criminal Justice Complex.

All documentation can be downloaded on the forms page.