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SAP Mobile Apps provide access to your Timesheet, Paystub, and Benefits Overview using your mobile phone or tablet. If you are a manager, you can also use the Approve Time app to approve your direct report's time entry.

User Guides

NOTE: Prior to accessing the mobile apps for the first time, you will need to set-up DUO multi-factor authentication (MFA). Click here for instructions.

  1.  Open any browser on your mobile device and go to

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Employees” link


  3.  Enter your Travis County Email and select “Next” icon

     Employee Tab

  4.  Enter your Travis County Network Password and select “Sign-in” icon

    SSO Password

  5.  Complete the DUO Multi-factor authentication prompt

    Duo Prompt

  6. Travis Central will display – select SAP and then SAP System (Mobile)


  7. SAP Mobile Apps will display

    SAP Mobile

My Timesheet App

Use this feature when entering hours and time code for a specific day

3 1

  1. Select Day and Select Create icon
    3 2
  2. Enter Hours amount
    3 2
  3. Scroll down to Att/Abscence Type, Select Search icon to display time code list
    3 2
  4. Select Submit
    3 2
  5. Select OK to save entry
    3 2
  6. Save Entry is displayed
    3 2

When adding a Time Entry you can also include Comments before you submit.

  • Enter Comments in the Note Field
    4 1

When adding a Time Entry, you can also include an Internal Order

  1. Select Receiver Order Search icon
  2. List of Internal Orders is displayed
  3. Select IO Description or Search for Find IO
    5 1
  4. Selected Internal Order will be saved with Time Entry
    5 2
  1. Select Check Box for Time Entry to be updated
  2. Select Arrow associated with Time Entry
    6 1
  3. Existing Time Entry details will display
  4. Update as needed
  5. Select Submit to Save Changes
    6 2
  1. Select Check Box of Time Entries to be deleted
  2. Select Delete Icon
  3. Select OK to confirm deletion
    7 1
  1. Select Check Box of Time Entries to be deleted
  2. Select Delete Icon
  3. Select OK to confirm deletion
    7 1 1

Example: 4 Hours Worked and 4 Hours Vacation on Monday
8 1

  1. Select Day
  2. Enter Hours
  3. Select Time Code
  4. Select Submit
    8 2
  5. Select Same Day
  6. Enter Hours
  7. Select Time Code
  8. Select Submit
    8 3
  9. Saved Entry is displayed
    8 4

Example: 8 Hours Worked on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

  1. Select Days
    9 1
  2. Enter Hours amount
  3. Select Att/Absence Type
  4. Select Submit
    9 2
  5. Select OK to save entries
    9 3
  6. Saved Entry is displayed--8 Hours Worked for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
    9 4

Feature will copy the time entry from the selected Day to Another Day or Multiple Days

Example: Select Time entry for Monday and Copy to Tuesday and Wednesday

  1. Select Day to be Copied
  2. Select Copy icon
    10 1
  3. Select Day(s) to be created
  4. Select Submit icon
    10 2
  5. Select OK to save entries
    10 3

New Entries are displayed – 8 Hours Worked have been copied from Monday and used to Create Time Entry for Hours Worked on Tuesday & Wednesday
10 4

Favorites allow you to save a time entry to re-use. For example, you can create a Favorite that includes time code Hours Worked 8 hours and select the favorite when adding a time entry for a day instead of re-keying the entry. The Favorite can also include an IO (Internal Order) and comments.

  1. Select Day
  2. Select Create icon
    11 1
  3. Enter Time Entry Details to save as a Favorite
  4. Select Favorite Icon
    11 2
  5. Select Save as Favorite
    11 3
  6. Enter Favorite Name
  7. Select Save to save the Favorite
    11 4
  8. Create a New Time Entry
  9. Select Favorite search box to choose a Saved Favorite to populate your Time Entry
    11 5

To change a saved favorite, you must Delete and Create a new Favorite

NOTE: Edit feature is not used; it allows you to make a copy of an existing favorite; but not change an existing favorite.

  1. Select Day for Time entry and Create icon
    12 1 1
  2. Select Favorites Icon
    12 1
  3. Select "X" to Delete Favorite
  4. Select OK
    12 2
  1. Select Person icon
  2. Select Sign Out
    13 2
  3. Select OK
    13 3

Approve Time Entry App

  • Overview Only displays Direct Reports with Time Entry to be approved
    15 1
  • Overview will display "No Data" if no entries need approval
    15 2
  • Detail View for Selected Direct Report
    15 3
  1. Select Week Date Range
  2. All Time Entries for Week will be displayed
    16 1
  3. Select Check Box for Total Recorded Hours
  4. All Entries for Week will be displayed in List
  5. Select Approve Icon
    16 2
  6. Select OK to save entry
    16 3
    16 4
  1. Select Week
  2. All Time Entries for Week will be displayed
    17 1
  3. Select Check Box for Selected Time Entries
  4. Only selected Time Entries for week will be Checked
  5. Select Approve Icon
    17 2
  6. Select OK to save entry
    17 3
    17 4
  1. View Approve Timesheets Home Page Pending Entries section
  2. If Pending Entries is “0”, there are no timesheet to approve
    18 1
  1. Select Person Icon
  2. Select Sign Out
    13 2
  3. Select OK
    13 3

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Try re-entering your User ID and Password which are the same as your Travis County Network Login
  • If login fails again, send an email to [email protected]

YES, after 10 minutes of non-use, the app will log you out.

You have been inactive for 10 minutes or more; close app, re-open and log back in.

You may have used the mobile device back arrow; close app, re-open and log back in.

Your login may have timed-out OR you used the mobile device back arrow; close app, re-open and log back in.

Confirm date for time entry has been selected and is highlighted in Blue.

Review the message; if you cannot resolve send an email to [email protected].

Managers can only access their direct reports in the app. To view all employees in your Organization, use MSS Manager Self Service.

Connectivity may affect the display of info in the apps; wait a few seconds to allow the page to refresh.

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