Check out the revised electronic CES Referral Form   (en español located on the CES website. You have two options to complete the form:

  1. Click the SUBMIT button located at the top right corner of the form.
    1. If you currently use an email application such as Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, or Mail, then it will automatically create an email with the attached CES Referral Form then click send.
    2. If you currently use an Internet email such as Yahoo or Microsoft Hotmail. You will need to save your form then attach it to your internet email service and send to: [email protected]
  2. You can print the form and the client can bring it to one of the CES locations.

CES has always required clients to bring their paperwork related to their offense with them such as Conditions of Probation; Protective Order; Deferred Prosecution; and etc.; however, we have not enforced it. Due to recent events and to ensure that CES properly provides the services the client needs in order to take care of their case, we will be enforcing that client’s bring paperwork pertaining to their case.