Balcones Canyonlands Conservation Plan Annual Report

FY 2015

Executive Summary

Annual Report


Appendix A City of Austin Development Permits Issued in the BCCP Permit Area for FY 2015

Appendix BTravis County Development Permit Issued in the BCCP Permit Area for FY 2015

Appendix CBalcones Canyonlands Preserve Properties by Macrosite

Appendix DBalcones Canyonlands Preserve Properties by Management Agency

Appendix EBalcones Canyonlands Preserve System Map

Appendix FCity of Austin 2015 Golden-cheeked Warbler (Setophaga chrysoparia) Monitoring Program

Appendix GCity of Austin 2015 Black-capped Vireo (Vireo atricapilla) Monitoring Program

Appendix HBalcones Canyonlands Preserve Karst Monitoring and Management FY 2015 Report

Appendix I FY 2015 Report on Monitoring and Management of the Golden-cheeked Warbler (Setophaga chrysoparia) on Travis County Tracts of the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve

Appendix J - FY 2015 Report on Monitoring and Management of the Black-capped Vireo (Vireo atricapilla) on Travis County’s Balcones Canyonlands Preserve

Appendix K Travis County FY 2015 Jollyville Plateau Salamander Monitoring Report

Appendix L FY 2015 Summary of Wildlife and Plant Management Activities on Travis County’s Balcones Canyonlands Preserve and Select Parks

Appendix MWild Basin Wilderness Preserve 2015 Annual Report

Appendix NCity of Sunset Valley Gaines Greenbelt 2015 Annual Report

Appendix O Travis Audubon Society Baker Sanctuary 2014-2015 Annual Report

Appendix PCity of Lakeway Report

Appendix Q – Research Reports:

Appendix Q1 - Effects of Anthropogenic Noise on Soundscape and the Stress Hormone Levels of the Gulf Coast Toad (Incilius valliceps) in Central Texas

Appendix Q2 - Documenting spatial and temporal patterns in wildlife distribution across Wild Basin

Appendix Q3 - Abundance and Distribution of Avian Nest Predators and Predator Activity at Wild Basin

Appendix Q4 - Evaluating the potential off-target effects of Imazapyr injection using the EZ-Ject lance

Appendix Q5 - Evaluating stream water quality in an urbanizing watershed

Appendix Q6 - Jollyville Plateau Salamander Interim Report, 2015, for Balcones Canyonlands Preserve

Appendix Q7 - Final Report: Wheless Preserve Golden-cheeked Warbler Territory Mapping Spring 2015

Appendix Q8 - The distribution of ticks across an urban landscape within and close to Austin, Texas

Appendix Q9 -  Reports on Bull Creek and Gus Fruh Parks

Appendix Q10 - Comparison of carbon sequestration methodologies for use by academic institutions in Texas

Appendix Q11 - Stormwater Monitoring in Upper Bull Creek City of Austin

Appendix Q12 - Spotlight Deer Survey. Plateau Land & Wildlife Management

Appendix Q13 - Metagenomics of Glen Rose Soil Microbial Systems and their Role(s) in Carbon Cycling and Native Plant Restoration at the Black-capped Vireo Research Area and Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve

Appendix Q14 - Non-target tree mortality after exposure to Imazypr at Wild Basin

Appendix Q15 - Monitoring WTP4 and the JTM

Appendix Q16 - Determining interannual variability in vegetation structure and exploring plant leaf decomposition and fungal metabolism at Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve

Appendix Q17 - Distribution and Prevalence of native fire ants in Balcones Canyonlands Preserve

Appendix Q18 - The relationship between white-tailed deer, ground cover, and proximity to residences

Appendix Q19 - Predicting the arrival time of emerald ash borer to Texas based on estimated speed of dispersal.

Appendix Q20 - Analyzing Changes in Ant Communities after Habitat Management for an Endangered Songbird (Vireo atricapilla)

Appendix Q21 - Habitat Assessment for Golden-cheeked Warbler, Black-capped Vireo, Jollyville Plateau Salamander. Identification of Waters of the U.S. and Cultural Resource

Appendix Q22 - 2015 Summary of Cave Management Activities at Pennie’s Cave, Travis County

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