Drive A Clean MachineOn May 4, 2010, Travis County Commissioner's Court approved a pilot program called the Counterfeit Motor Vehicle Inspection Program (CMVIP). This program will identify vehicles that have counterfeit, fake, or expired state inspection certificates. The pilot program aims to ensure that vehicles on roadways with fake, expired, or counterfeit certificates are brought into compliance.

More about Counterfeit Motor Vehicles

Counterfeit inspection certificates are an environmental and safety problem. Vehicles that are not properly inspected for safety could be at a higher risk for accidents due to slick tires, brake failure, weak steering column, etc. On-road cars, trucks, and motorcycles are the largest contributing factor to high ozone levels in Central Texas. High ozone levels negatively affect public health. Based on 2007 population, over 10% of children in Travis County under the age of 13 and 5% of adults over 65 are potentially affected by high ozone levels.

The goal of this program is to improve air quality and meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's air quality standard, raise awareness and insure public safety. Travis County law enforcement officers have begun a pilot program for identifying vehicles in Travis County with expired, counterfeit state inspection and registration certificates and individuals illegally dealing fictitious and stolen certificates.

Texas Transportation Code §548.603(f) allows for a vehicle to be impounded if a fictitious or counterfeit motor vehicle inspection certificate is being displayed. At this time, law enforcement officers will only issue citations for failure to have a valid emissions certificate: vehicles will not be towed. However, it is a Class C misdemeanor for displaying an expired, fictitious, or counterfeit motor vehicle inspection certificate and the penalty is $169 per violation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if it's real?

Travis County urges consumers to take a simple step to verify that your emissions certificate is valid or before you purchase a used a car. Visit the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality's Vehicle Emission Inspection History website to check the validity of a certificate, using either the Vehicle Identification Number or safety certificate. This service is free to individuals.

What if I can't afford to pay for repairs?

Information about financial assistance available for individuals who need assistance with emission related repairs is available on our AirCheck Texas webpage.

TXDPS Inspection and Maintenance Program

To learn more about the inspection process, go to the DPS Vehicle Inspection page

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