Welcome to the website for Travis County Television (TCTV). Travis County is the home of many communities in Central Texas, including the state capital of Austin. You can see TCTV in Austin and selected areas on Time Warner Cable Channel 17 (digital 10-17), Grande Communications channel 17 and AT&T UVerse channel 99. In addition to our cablecast, this is your gateway to view both live and archived programming.

Juneteenth 2020


In addition, Travis County offers a variety of original programs produced by TCTV staff. These programs inform you about your county, and address various public affairs, community enrichment, public safety, and county services issues.

TCTV also shows a variety of non-county produced programs and public services announcements from agencies such as Texas Parks and Wildlife, The Ad Council, and the United States Army.

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700 Lavaca Street
Suite 1.200 (Map)

Phone: (512) 512-854-9503
Fax: (512) 854-1-7135