Municipal Advisor Rule 15B Statement

Travis County (the “County") intends that any Travis County approved brokerage firm can use this posting on the Travis County Cash Investment Management website for the purposes of Rule1SB of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 regarding the Registration of Municipal Advisors (the SEC Municipal Advisor Rule).

This statement regards each brokerage account that the County maintains with each Approved Brokerage Firm. At any point in time, the County may seek to invest funds in or through any of these approved brokerage accounts that may constitute proceeds of municipal securities or municipal escrow investments.

The County believes that the factual market and investment product information the Approved Broker provides is general information, factual and generic in nature, and does not constitute advice or recommendations regarding investment products or regarding investment of proceeds of municipal securities or municipal e crow investments.

When and if the County chooses to request advice regarding the investment of proceeds of municipal securities or municipal escrow investments, the County expects to request such advice within the exemptions of the SEC Municipal Advisor Rule.

Regarding issuance of Travis County bonds, Travis County, Texas is represented by and will rely on the advice of our financial advisor, D. Ladd Pattillo and Associates Inc., as an independent registered municipal advisor with respect to issuance of municipal bonds.

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