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  • Richard E. Scott building is a new administrative building for the Justice of the Peace and the Constable of Precinct One.
  • Richard E. Scott building is 15,843 square feet structured for a future second story. The increase in size over the former Precinct One building is 9,586 square feet or 153%.
  • Richard E. Scott building has been designed to achieve a minimum LEED Silver rating in green building, an achievement very few buildings in Austin have made.
  • Richard E. Scott building has 1,506 square feet Community Room for the general public’s use. The Community Room has restrooms and a small kitchenette and has been designed with a sense of warmth from the wood cladding and a sense of fun from the colors inside.
  • The Courtroom has a glowing barrel-vault inside to evoke the room’s importance and the exterior material is locally-quarried masonry to indicate the solidity and importance of the room’s function.
  • The total parking capacity is 94 spaces, with three parking spaces dedicated to electric vehicles. An electric vehicle recharge station with two plugs has been provided.
  • Richard E. Scott building has bicycle parking and showers for the employees.
  • The flooring, paints and finishes are mostly sustainably grown or manufactured materials.
  • All countertops are made from 100% recycled office paper. All cabinets and the Judge’s bench are made from pressed sorghum straw and the cork and linoleum flooring is completely renewable.
  • Richard E. Scott building has functional, open work areas have 12'-0" ceilings and maximizing daylight.
  • The landscaping consists of native trees and flowering plants with a colorful “butterfly garden” in the entry courtyard.
  • 80% of construction waste was recycled or otherwise diverted from the local landfills.
  • The west courtyard was designed to be user friendly for staff and visitors with teak benches and shading, & the east courtyard is designed to hold more intimate gatherings like wedding ceremonies.
  • The site was designed to comply with the Urban Design Standard. Also, the site has sedimentation and filtration ponds for water quality and a detention pond to control storm water runoff.

Roger A. El Khoury, M.S., P.E., Director

700 Lavaca St., Suite 1300
Austin, TX 78701 (Map)
Phone: (512) 854-9661
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