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The PDC division work for FY22 includes projects for planning, programming, designing, renovation, and constructing new and existing facilities to accommodate growth and change, improve sustainability, and enhance the delivery of services to Travis County. Many specific projects listed are part of coordinated phased multi-year programs. This Work Plan excludes pre-project authorization planning activities.

The Renovation and Restoration of the New Probate Courts

The New Probate Courts, which is located in the Historic former Federal Courthouse, was designed by a consultant A/E Team, led by LAS, with FMD providing Project Management.  This project was a complete renovation and restoration of the entire historic building interior and exterior. Construction began in FY19 and continued into FY20, reaching substantial completion in September of 2020. Project Budget was $31,918,934.  Travis County moved into the building in early FY21.  FMD will continue to work with the Tenants on various security items in FY22.

Civil and Family Courts Facility

The New CFCF is located at 1700 Guadalupe and is a 12 story courts building with underground parking.  This Project has been years in the making.  The development team was selected through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process which FMD and other County Departments were involved in.  Construction began in FY19, at which time, FMD is the Travis County’s project manager. Construction is anticipated to be completed in November 2022 with the County moving in early 2023. Guaranteed Maximum Purchase Price (GMPP) is $333,174,325.

5325 Airport Blvd Building

The 5325 Airport Blvd. Building includes a 3-story office building for Travis County Departments providing the community services of Health and Human Services, Jury and Passport Office and Veterans Services.  There is a parking garage with 300+ spaces for Travis County employees who work in the building and residential users. The Project’s Substantial Completion was in January of 2021. Moves occurred in different phases with Departments moving throughout March-May of 2021.  FMD has been a liaison and Owner’s representative for this project.  FMD also managed the FFE, security, and move coordination, which included a $1,471,525 budget. FMD will continue to help with items as they come up throughout FY22.

TCSO New Evidence Warehouse

This new Evidence Warehouse will be located at the existing Travis County Correctional Complex in Del Valle.  The new facility will be approximately 20,000 SF with a 20,000 SF impound lot for vehicles.  The Project budget is $7,928,072. FMD is the Project Manager for the project. In FY20 FMD worked with Purchasing and TCSO on the RFQ process to select an A/E team to design this new building.  The A/E team was selected in FY20. Programming and Design was completed in FY21.  The Construction Procurement began in the fourth quarter of FY21 will continue into the second quarter of FY22.  Construction will begin in FY22 and continue into FY23.

Trauma Informed-Care Women’s Facility

This new Trauma Informed-Care Women’s Facility is located at the existing Travis County Correctional Complex in Del Valle.  The RFQ process to hire an A/E team started in FY20.  Negotiations with the A/E team concluded in FY21.  Schedule is TBD based on the Courts latest vote and the project is currently on hold indefinitely.  It is anticipated the design will take 15 months, CSP construction procurement would be 6 months, and construction would take 24 months.  Project Budget is estimated to be approximately $77,500,000.

PCT. 3 Building B-Courtroom Relocation

This building is currently occupied by multiple departments including the JP Court and support spaces/offices, Constable Office, and Tax Office.  The Courts and support space relocated from the first floor to the 2nd floor, due to security concerns.  The Tax Office was relocated to the first floor and the Constable remained on the first floor.  in FY20, FMD completed the planning and design. The construction contractor procurement was completed in FY21.  Project Budget was $1,522,690.  Construction began in early FY21 and was multiple phases, since it is an occupied building, and consisted of multiple Temporary Certificates of Occupancies (TCO’s) throughout the year.  Projected completion is September 2021.  FMD will continue to work with the various departments throughout FY22 on punch items and other needs as needed.

New Tax Office at 2433 Ridgepoint Dr.

The Tax Office will relocate from their current Airport Blvd. location to the new Ridgepoint Drive location.  The new location is a 2-story 60,000 SF building Travis County recently purchased.  The Tax office will use the entire first floor and a large portion of the 2nd floor.  The remaining SF of the 2nd floor will be shell space for future Tax Office expansion.  Planning and design were completed by FMD in FY20.  FY20 project funding was $5,625,000.  Additional funds for security, FFE, and moves was added in FY21 ($1,377,000).  Construction procurement began at the end of FY20 and completed the first quarter of FY21.  Construction started in FY21 and will continue into FY22.  The move into the building is anticipated to be second quarter FY22.

Public Defender Office including multiple construction projects and moves

TIn FY20 a new Public Defender Office was approved by Commissioners Court.  The new office is located in USB,1010 Lavaca Street. This 4-story building was occupied by other TC departments, so FMD designed and managed multiple construction projects/moves to relocate departments from the building throughout the year.

  • OCR relocated from the USB 4th floor to unoccupied space on the 2nd floor of the Ned Granger Building.
  • Mental Health Public Defender than moved to the USB 4th floor from 910 Lavaca. 
  • CAPDS moved from the Brizendine House and 2nd floor USB to 910 Lavaca.
  • CES moved from the USB 2nd floor to the Ned Granger Building 2nd floor.  

This freed up the USB 2nd floor for the FY21 Public Defender Office construction project, which was completed and occupied in FY21.  FY20 and FY21 Funds provided were provided in multiyear $1,640,000 for the FY20, FY21, and FY22 Projects.  Once the 3rd floor renovation ends this Spring of FY22, the Public Defender Office would occupy the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floor of USB.

Ray Martinez Building Tax Office Expansion

This project is a building expansion and minor interior renovation for the existing Ray Martinez Tax Office.  FMD completed the design in FY20. The construction procurement was also completed.  Project Budget was $738,930.  Construction began in the fourth quarter of FY20 and was completed in FY21. Additional renovation for the transaction windows will be completed in 1st quarter of FY22 and the Tax office move is anticipated in January 2022.

700 Lavaca Building - TNR Expansion - 6th Floor

The Renovation included vacant space on the 6th floor and some modifications to TNR occupied space.  The FMD completed the programming, design and construction in FY20.  Furniture was be installed and TNR moved into the space in FY21. The budget was $299,700.

Wilson Parke-TNR BCP Building

The Wilson Parke building was purchased in FY20 for the BCP Program and FMD was task with its renovation which will be multiple year projects. The Projects are:

  • GAATN Line connection from RR620 which is completed in FY21.
  • First Floor Visitors Center RFQ-TNR and FMD finalized the A/E team RFQ scope of work for the first-floor visitor’s center and exterior trail design in FY21.  FMD is managing the project and the RFQ process started in third quarter of FY21. The A/E team RFQ and selection process will continue into FY22.  Schedule TBD but design will be throughout FY22.
  • Second Floor DMARC/MDF/IDF-FMD coordinated with ITS on these room designs and construction buildout.  The rooms are located on the 2nd floor where the current DMARC is.  Design and Construction was be completed in the first quarter of FY22.
  • Second Floor TNR-FMD is working with TNR on the programming and design of the 2nd floor.  Schedule is TBD, but it is anticipated design will be completed in early FY22 and its renovation would begin shortly after.
  • Roof Replacement-FMD completed the Scope for the roof replacement in FY21.  A design team was hired to provide the Construction Documents and the design was completed in FY21.  The construction procurement began in late FY21 and will continue into FY22.  Construction will begin shortly after and be completed in FY22.

New FMD Warehouse Project

The new FMD warehouse will be in Collier Building where the old purchasing warehouse used to be.  FMD completed the programming and design in FY20.  The construction procurement started in FY20 and continued into the first quarter of FY 21.  The budget is $7,998,865 and the construction began in FY21 and will continue into FY22.  Anticipated completion is second quarter FY22.

County Clerk Expansion – Nelda Wells Spears Building

The County Clerk will expand into the space that was occupied by the Tax Office at Nelda Wells Spears Building when the tax Office moves to the new Ridgepoint Drive Building. This expansion will allow for the entire County Clerk staff to be housed together and will also expand the training space for hundreds of poll workers.  The project budget is $2,248,642. 

FMD completed the architectural design in FY21.  The MEP design will be completed first quarter of FY22.  The construction will begin after the Tax Office relocates to its new location in second quarter of FY22.  Construction will be phased and is anticipated to be completed in late 2023.

Three Parking Garages

These three parking garages projects consist of various repairs and retrofit:

  1. 700 Lavaca Garage - lighting retrofit. It is anticipated to be completed in FY22.
  2. San Antonio Garage - Minor structural repairs and non-structural repairs along with lighting retrofit. The project is in procurement phase in 2nd quarter of FY22 and the repairs will be completed by the end of FY22.
  3. Ned Granger Garage – FMD will hire a structural engineering firm to provide a structural condition assessment, design details, and miscellaneous structural and non-structural maintenance and repairs.

Snowden House Renovation-Phase Two

Phase One – it is included selective renovation of the house. FMD designed the renovation and jo order contractor is completing the renovation in the first quarter of FY22.

Phase Two- This phase includes the septic system and green house repairs of the existing TNR building.  Design was completed in FY21.  Construction is anticipated to be completed in the 3rd Qtr. FY22.  Project is currently in construction phase.

West Service Center Reconstruction

The West Service Center Master Plan was completed in FY21.  This project will include hiring consultants for the entire design. This project will be multiphase and will be completed in FY24. Phase one is funded for $1,200,000 for the construction of site work.

Replacement and Upgrade of the 700 Lavaca HVAC Controls

At the 700 Lavaca Administration Building, an obsolete HVAC & Building Automation System (BAS) was removed in late spring and summer. The new Controls and BAS was completed by a HVAC vendor with support by MRD in early FY22. The BAS operation was migrated to the new County Virtual HVAC Server.

700 Lavaca Facility Elevator Equipment

The Hydraulic Elevator at 700 Lavaca Facility will be replaced and activated. The elevator will provide access and egress from the first floor to the ground level during on-going business hours for security reasons. The Elevator work will be completed and operational in FY22.

New Controls at the Precinct 3 Building

At the Oak Hill Precinct 3 Facility (Building A and B), a new HVAC & BAS was replaced with an upgraded digital Controls and BAS system in early spring. The Building A equipment is now controlling and communicating with the Virtual BAS Server. Building B equipment will be operational in the in early FY22.

Replacement and Upgrade of the CJC HVAC Cooling Tower

At the Criminal Justice Center (CJC), the new 1000-ton HVAC Cooling Tower Upgrade Design was completed by a MEP consultant and renovation/installation was completed by a HVAC Contractor. FMD was the project manager and completed in early FY22 with. The Project’s cost was $559,625 dollars.

Blackwell Thurman Criminal Justice Center AHUs Replacement

FMD is working on installing new 110 Ton HVAC Air Handling Unit (AHU) Equipment at the Blackwell Thurman CJC Complex. The AHU’s equipment will replace aged HVAC equipment that was installed back in 2000. The installation and construction of the new AHU’s is scheduled for the early Summer of FY22.

New Controls at Kristen E. McClain Building

At the Kristen E. McClain Building, stand-alone HVAC Controls is being replaced and upgraded with digital Controls and BAS. The work is underway and scheduled to be completed by Early FY22. The new equipment will control and communicate with the new HVAC Virtual Server.

Replacement and Upgrade of the Post Road Building HVAC Unit

A new 60-ton HVAC Rooftop Unit will be replaced and installed by Summer of FY22. The new equipment will operate and communicate with the HVAC Virtual Server.

Replacement and Upgrade of the Nelda Wells Spears HVAC Units

Three old HVAC Rooftop Units are being replaced with upgraded equipment that are more energy efficient. The work is underway and scheduled to be completed by first quarter of FY22.

Replacement and Upgrade of the Nelda Wells Spears Facility HVAC System

>Two old HVAC Rooftop units at the Nelda Wells Spears Facility will be replaced and upgraded. The HVAC Equipment improvements will be completed in late FY22.

Replacement and Upgrade of the USB Facility HVAC Controls

At the USB Facility, an obsolete HVAC & Building Automation System (BAS) is underway and will be completed in the 2nd quarter of FY22. The new Controls and BAS will be migrated to the County Virtual HVAC Server.

Wilson Parke Avenue Building – Various Facility Upgrade

At the Wilson Parke Building, several Facility Systems are being replaced and installed with upgraded equipment. The new equipment will include HVAC, Electrical, Small generator, skylights, awnings, entry sign, and parking lot repairs. This project is funded and will be completed by end of FY22.

Manor Community Center Facility HVAC System

The HVAC system at the Manor Community Center will be upgraded. The work is a direct replacement of an existing 24 Ton HVAC Air Handling Unit (AHU) Equipment and heating Boiler. The new and more efficient HVAC equipment will be completed in FY22.

Granger Building - Building Automation System

The exiting Building Automation System controls at Granger building will be upgraded and the integration will start to the new virtual server. It will be completed in FY22.

North Community Center - Building Automation System

The North Community Center Building Automation System will be installed in FY22, and the integration will start to the new virtual server.

Executive Office Building - Building Automation System

>The Executive Office Building Automation System facility will be upgraded in FY22 and to start the integration to the new ITS virtual server.

Palm Square Building - Wastewater Line Replacement

The replacement of the wastewater lines system at Palm Square building will be replaced in its entirely. A consultant civil engineer firm will be hired in FY22 and the design and construction of the new wastewater lines system will be completed by the end of FY22.


Gabriel Stock, AIA, LEED AP BD+C
Director of Facilities Management

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Austin, TX 78701 (Map)
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