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Immediately upon taking office on January 1, 2017, Constable Stacy Suits created the Travis County Clean Air Task Force (CATF) following through on his campaign promise to the communities in Travis County. The Travis County CATF, which began operations the first week of January, is tasked with enforcing state laws, codes, rules and regulations pertaining to improper vehicle emissions and the sale or distribution of counterfeit registration insignias. Vehicles that circumvent the emission laws contribute to health threatening pollution and can cost the county critical federal highway funds through sanctions issued by the EPA for non-attainment. In an effort to crack down on fraudulent, fictitious or improperly issued Vehicle Inspection Reports, the Travis County CATF is helping protect the health of Travis County citizens.

Our program consists of two components: The CATF investigators who work behind the scenes to reduce the number of fraudulent, fictitious or improperly issued automotive state emission inspections and the on-road enforcement officers, performing everyday enforcement of vehicles displaying counterfeit, stolen, improperly issued, expired or no state registration.


It is the mission of the office of Travis County Constable PCT-3 Clean Air Task Force (CATF) unit to improve the air quality for all Travis County residents and promote safer vehicles being operated on our roadways, and to educate our citizens on issues that relate to vehicle safety and emissions. We are committed to partnerships with all federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to meet the objectives of our county to remain in compliance with the Federal Clean Air Act.


To exceed our communities expectations by providing exemplary enforcement and compliance of the Federal Clean Air Act, Texas Health and Safety Code, and Texas Transportation Codes.


“Working to improve the environment of our county through education, enforcement, and partnerships”

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