1. Appendix A - City of Austin Development Permits issued in the BCCP Permit Area
  2. Appendix B - Travis County Development Permits issued in the BCCP Permit Area
  3. Appendix C - BCP Properties by Macrosite
  4. Appendix D - BCP Properties by Management
  5. Appendix E - BCP Parcel Map
  6. Appendix F - Golden-cheeked Warbler Monitoring Program
  7. Appendix G - City of Austin Black-capped Vireo Monitoring Program
  8. Appendix H - Karst Monitoring and Management
  9. Appendix I - Monitoring Golden-cheeked Warblers
  10. Appendix J - Monitoring and Management of the Black-capped Vireo
  11. Appendix K - Jollyville Plateau Salamander Monitoring
  12. Appendix L - Wildlife and Plant Management Activities Summary
  13. Appendix M - Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve Annual Report
  14. Appendix N - Gaines Greenbelt Annual Report
  15. Appendix O - Baker Sanctuary Annual Report

Appendix P – Research Reports

  1. Appendix P1 - Macroinvertebrates in the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve
  2. Appendix P2 - Abundance and distribution of avian nest predators at Wild Basin
  3. Appendix P3 - Conservation psychology and off-trail use
  4. Appendix P4 - Evaluation of a 30-year old restoration site in Wild Basin
  5. Appendix P5 - Jollyville Plateau Salamander Interim Report, 2014
  6. Appendix P6 - Wheless Preserve Golden-cheeked Warbler Territory Mapping
  7. Appendix P7 - Microbial Warfare in Soil: An investigation of microbial competition using secondary metabolites
  8. Appendix P8 - Analysis of the golden-cheeked warbler in relation to construction activity along highway 71
  9. Appendix P9 - Report on Activities on Travis County Lands and Balcones Canyonlands Preserve
  10. Appendix P10 - Storm Water Monitoring in Upper Bull Creek and Flint Ridge Cave
  11. Appendix P11 - Metagenomics of Glen Rose Soil Microbial Systems and Their Roles in Carbon Cycling and Native Plant Restoration
  12. Appendix P12 - Final report for USFWS contract
  13. Appendix P13 - Tracing in the Balcones Canyonlands Bull Creek Preserve: Lanier and Hog Wallow Springs
  14. Appendix P14 - Monitoring WTP4 and the JTM
  15. Appendix P15 - Determining interannual variability in vegetation structure and the relationship between structure and ecosystem function
  16. Appendix P16 - A Test of the Relative Abundance, Diversity and Distribution of Ants at the Vireo Preserve in Relation to Habitat Manipulation for the Black-capped Vireo
  17. Appendix P17 - Karst Feature Survey
  18. Appendix P18 - Assessing golden-cheeked warbler productivity with a reproductive index: is it good enough?
  19. Appendix P19 - Urban Forest Inventory & Analysis
  20. Appendix P20 - Live Staking Methodology Review
  21. Appendix P21 - Determination of Chemical Indicators for the Health and Integrity of Stream Ecosystems in the Bee Creek Watershed
  22. Appendix P22 - i-Tree Ecosystem Analysis
  23. Appendix P23 - Cave cricket foraging study from stark's north mine to proposed North Walnut Creek TrailL
  24. Appendix P24 - Summary of cave management activities at Pennie’s Cave

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