The Sing Family

Born in China as Jo Fung Sheng in 1860, Joe Sing immigrated to the U.S. around 1890 to financially support his family. He settled in Austin, becoming one of the first Chinese immigrants in the City.

Sing opened Hong Lee Laundry on 311 W. 5th street, which he ran along with his wife, Frances (Moreno), a Mexican-American woman who lost her U.S. citizenship for marrying a Chinese man. Joe Sing supported the Austin Chinese community by providing loans for other Chinese men, who found it difficult to procure funds otherwise because of discrimination.

Joe and Frances had four children, including Margaret, who bought this property, becoming the first homeowner in the family.

Rose Hill Cemetery

This designation is reserved for cemeteries that are at least 50 years old and documented through the Historic Texas Cemeteries process to record their historic association and significance.

Menchaca Elementary

  • Menchaca Elementary School Dedication Ceremony - Friday, April 30, 2010

The community of Manchaca, TX established in the early 1850s, has supported the education of its children for over 125 years.

From a tuition school which became a public school in 1883 to the current facility which opened in 1976 on the Northwest corner of Manchaca Rd. and FM 1626, the schools in the Manchaca area have contributed to the education of many children in the community.

Austin Memorial Park

The Cemetery has graves representing the diverse nature of the Austin community -- business leaders, university professors and administrators, and government leaders. In general, those interred at AMP cemetery indicate the diversity of Austin, with many races and religions represented.

Austin's Historic Victory Grill - World War II Marker

During World War II, segregation prevented African American servicemen from enjoying most civilian restaurants and recreational facilities. Johnny Holmes responded to this need when he opened the original Victory Grill on VJ day (Victory over Japan Day, Aug. 16, 1945) in a converted icehouse on east 11th street.