Deaf Organizations

DARS Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Austin Association of the Deaf (Austin Deaf Club)

Texas Association of the Deaf (TAD)

Texas School for the Deaf (TSD)

National Association of the Deaf (NAD)

DeafBlind Service Center of Austin (DBSC)

Texas DeafBlind Association (TXDBA)

American Association DeafBlind (AADB)

Texas Latino Council of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (TLCDHH)

Deaf Senior Citizens of Austin and San Marcos

Hill Country Intergroup - Alcoholics Anonymous

Community Interpreting Services

Communication Services for the Deaf (CSD) 888-631-9110

Communication by Hand (CBH) 512-467-1917

Communication Axess Ability Group (CAAG) 512-222-4033

2Hands4U 512-994-8470

3 Bridges Interpreting Services 512-401-3957

San Marcos Interpreting Services 512-754-8047

Interpreting Organizations

Registry of Interpreters (RID)

Texas Society of Interpreters for the Deaf (TSID)

Austin Interpreters for the Deaf (AID)

Deaf Subscriptions Links

Texas Deaf Network

Austin Deaf Events

Net Sign News


Legal Resources Links

Amber D. Farrelly, Esq, Attorney at Law

Texas RioGrande

Volunteers Legal Aide office

Mental Health and Counselors

Signing Therapists

Jeff Lutes, M.S., LPC
Phone: 512-419-0600 v

Linda Eldredge, Ed. D., Psychologist
Provides psychotherapy ONLY
Phone: 512-467-1376 v

Dr. Debbie Lyons, Ph.D
Phone: 512-459-1272 v

Dr. Doreen Landrum, Ph.D
Phone: 512-377-2500 v

Michael Fresques, Ph.D
Phone: 512-327-6441 v

Judith Arrow, LPC
Phone: 512-373-8307 v

Diana Joy Goldstein, LCSW
Phone: 512-605-1707 v

Deaf, native ASL Fluent

Kim McClurkan, MA, LPC-intern
Phone: 512-961-3115 VP 512-344-9134 v

Deaf Counseling Center- (does counseling via video phone and on site)
All thearpists are deaf and licensed.

Non-signing Therapists that has worked with deaf before.

Dr. Allen Davis
Phone: 306-0050

Dr. Lisa Laster
Phone: 306-0050

Don Johnson, Ph.D.
Phone: 231-0164

Tax Deductions and Credits - Tax tips for the deaf

Find out how you can qualify for tax deductions for items like your hearing aids, batteries for your hearing aids and other items.

Fair Housing videos in ASL with English captioning.

Real Estate Agent who signs

Chera Shingler
Mobile: 512-599-2035
Business card link

Better Hearing

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