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FY 2017 Budget Update - Budget Hearings

4 years 1 month ago #170 by JessicaRio
Attached is the backup to Agenda Item #14: Consider and take appropriate action regarding update on the development of the FY17 Budget and remaining key budget calendar dates.

This item was discussed this morning (June 21, 2016) and interested parties are encouraged to watch the video of the Court's discussion regarding budget hearings. The Commissioners Court will hold very limited budget hearings on select, critical topics on Thursday, August 18th (1:30 - 4:30) and possibly Friday, August 19th (1:30-4:30) - if it is the desire of the Court. The Planning and Budget Office is working on developing a methodology for prioritizing these discussions but given their very limited duration, it is unlikely that topics will be selected for discussion without some interest expressed by members of the Commissioners Court. County offices and departments are encouraged to call their Planning and Budget Analyst with any questions.

Jessica Rio
County Executive, Planning and Budget
Travis County

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