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Eckhardt email re: Options for the $4.8M in remaining Classified Employee Comp.

2 weeks 11 hours ago #656 by JoeHon
Email from Judge Eckhardt:

Subject: FW: Options for the $4.8M in remaining Classified Employee Compensation
Date: Thursday, August 8, 2019 at 1:47:26 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Sarah Eckhardt
To: Commissioners-Court
CC: Joe Hon

At Agenda Setting yesterday I discussed with staff the level of analysis necessary for the Court to make a well-informed choice among the 3 scenarios discussed by commissioners on Tuesday regarding the $4.8M in the preliminary budget for the Classified Employee Compensation .
1. Use full $4.8M to fund 2% across the board
2. Use approximately $3.9M for a targeted 3% minimum going to those not moved by at least 3% in Market and/or in Wage Floor (with remainder going to a Compensation Reserve for next budget cycle)
3. Commissioner Daugherty had a 3rd proposal that involved a cascading application of increases ranging from 4.7% to 1%. Staff will be speaking with Commissioner Daugherty to better understand his proposal.

Making a clear apples-to-apples analysis of these three scenarios will take a couple of weeks and will be brought back to the Court on August 20.

Joe Hon
Agenda Coordinator
Office of Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt

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