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Judge Eckhardt email re: LGC 334 HOT and the City of Austin

2 weeks 3 days ago #650 by JoeHon
Email from Judge Eckhardt:

Subject: LGC 334 HOT and the City of Austin
Date: Monday, August 5, 2019 at 3:16:19 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Sarah Eckhardt
To: Commissioners-Court
CC: Jessica Rio, Diana Ramirez, Tom Nuckols, Paul Hopingardner, Sherri Fleming
Attachments: Records delivered to the Comptroller- Resolution_HOT tax.pdf

As you all know, the City of Austin currently utilizes all of the statutorily allowed HOT including the 2% LGC 334 HOT that could be available to the County. Pursuant to a long interest and recent votes of the Commissioners Court showing intention to actively pursue the 2% LGC 334 HOT as a funding source for the redevelopment of the Exposition Center and surrounding properties, Travis County sent out the attached documents to the Comptroller and copied the City Manager. I was informed this morning by an assistant city manager that City Council will consider extending full utilization of all 17% of the HOT (including the 2% LGC 334 HOT) as a funding source for the Convention Center and surrounding properties at its Thursday 8/8 Council Meeting.

We do not have an item on tomorrow’s agenda. Our next open court and/or executive session discussion is scheduled for 8/13.

I remain hopeful that the City and the County will find ways to support one another and our overlapping constituents through negotiation.

Joe Hon
Agenda Coordinator
Office of Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt

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