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TOPIC: CATAA-lyst for May

CATAA-lyst for May 1 year 7 months ago #265

To: Commissioners Court
From: Sarah Eckhardt
Re: CATAA-lyst for May
Date: May 10, 2017

We have enjoyed two relatively light agendas in a row. The remaining agendas through May and June may be quite full in anticipation of one skipped voting session in June and some potential quorum issues in July.

As agendas on the CATAA-lyst continue to grow, please be aware of the possibility of:

  • Limitations on resolutions and proclamations
  • Shorter lunches (12–1)
  • Meeting past 5pm
To avoid the above, please consider staff briefings to explore questions in advance of the voting session. I will continue encouraging staff to reach out to your offices on items that I anticipate that you will want additional information on and/or an explanation of. Also, I will continue to encourage the use of the subcommittees to work out as many details as possible before items come on the agenda.

I am working with the County executives to find ways to better distribute items over multiple agendas. And, I will be sending you a monthly memo like this one to alert you to big items coming up on the CATAA-lyst (current version attached) so that you can pursue answers from staff before the official agenda is posted. Here are the items for the remainder of May:

  • Various items regarding civil and family courts capacity
  • Various employee policy and budget issues
  • ••• FMLA utilization
  • ••• Vacation accrual
  • ••• Health benefits
  • ••• Compensation
  • Interviewing finalists for the County Executive of Operations Management
  • Reviewing activity of the Texas Legislature

In June expect a lot of decision points leading up to a final budget in September and a bond election in November.
Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt
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