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TOPIC: 7/19 Voting Session time-management

7/19 Voting Session time-management 2 years 4 months ago #178

It came to light during the agenda setting meeting on Wednesday that we have an extremely heavy load next Tuesday. Even after moving several items that are not time-sensitive to future Tuesdays, I estimate 7.5 hours of deliberation for 6.5 hours of time. I have asked our County executives to look for any other items that can be delayed to a later agenda. But I wanted to give my colleagues the heads-up that it is likely we will shorten our lunch break and I will be holding us to rather tight time-management. I predict the following items may require testimony and/or deliberation:

  • 30 min. – Emergency Services (flooding, outdoor burning, creation of ESD 7)
  • 45 min. – Appointments (CPS Board, TCAD Board, Sobriety Center Board)
  • 1 hr. – PBO (Wildhorse PID, CFCC)
  • 45 min. – Courthouse Security
  • 15 min. – HIPAA
  • 45 min. – Public Works final report
  • 1 hr. – Executive Session
These are not the only items on the agenda, just the items that I predict will be unpredictable in the amount of time they will take. Please help me manage our time so that all items can be reached with adequate deliberation.

- SE
Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt
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