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Email from Judge Eckhardt re: Team Mgmt of ES

2 years 4 months ago #424 by JoeHon
Email from Judge Eckhardt (attachment is the email in PDF format):

Subject: Team Management of Emergency Services
Date: Sunday, May 20, 2018 at 9:51:43 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Sarah Eckhardt
To: Agenda Meetings, Commissioners-Court

I need to brag on the Management Team. The Team has experienced a number of unexpected challenges recently and performed beautifully. There's no doubt that the Team is stretched by having an Interim County Executive over OM, a retiring CE of TNR and a departing CE of Emergency Services. But, even with additional recent events not enumerated above, the Team has shown itself ready, willing and able to meet the challenges.

The following information pertains to team management of Emergency Services (just one of the team managed assignments currently underway). The Team continues to seek the confidence of Court leadership as it achieves remarkable coordination across issue areas. Please feel free to reach out to county executives for more information or to request an agenda item for Court deliberation.

Generally speaking, management oversight for divisions under Emergency Services are assigned to the following County Executives or Officers on a temporary basis with the flexibility to move, swap or share assignments as capacity and expertise are needed and available:

• Medical Examiner

  • Roger Jefferies
• Emergency Operation/Regional Radio/CTECC
  • Paul Hopingardner
• Fire Marshall
  • Steve Manilla (and his successor)
• Emergency Response
  • Jessica Rio
  • Paul Hopingardner
  • Roger Jefferies
• Outreach
  • Hector Nieto
  • Paul Hopingardner
• Recruitment/Hire/Onboarding
  • Sherri Fleming

Some immediate issues that will come to Commissioners Court as soon as possible (May and June):
5/22 - utilize a quadrumvirate of executives to nominate an Emergency Services Advisory Committee representative
5/29 - update from a triumvirate of executives regarding adjustments under the current EMS ILA
5/29 - Budget transfer for Medical Direction of ESDs laid out by multiple executives
Date TBD - procedure for recruitment, interview and selection of Emergency Services County Executive laid out by multiple executives

Joe Hon
Agenda Coordinator
Travis County Judge's Office

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