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2 years 11 months ago #307 by SarahEckhardt

Over the past week, Travis County has been working diligently with our local, regional, and state partners to prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Harvey and the State’s request for support in the sheltering mission. The collaboration and integrated response has been exceptional – we should all take a moment to reflect on the value of our long-term preparedness efforts that have enabled us to perform so well when we were called to action.

We know that the hearts of our Travis County family pull us toward wanting to provide as much support as we can to those most impacted by this tragedy. It is critically important that we do this in a deliberate fashion and that any resources that are sent by the County are logistically supported and accounted for in regard to safety.

As we now shift towards recovery and supporting those who have been devastated and continue to be impacted by Hurricane Harvey, it is important that we continue to centrally coordinate our efforts in accordance with the established mutual aid system. In this regard, please direct any requests that you may have to our County Executive of Emergency Services, Josh Davies.

Our Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is the designated central coordination point for all Travis County resources. It is imperative that we follow established procedures when receiving requests for mutual aid, making adjustments to our available emergency resources, and being a valued regional and state partner. The County Executive of Emergency Services will facilitate requests received by County partners and then coordinate with OEM as appropriate to navigate us through the various authorization and financing processes.

– SE

Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt

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