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Commissioners Court board and subcommittee assignm

3 years 7 months ago #232 by SarahEckhardt

Attached is an Excel work sheet for our use in determining an appropriate distribution of our subcommittee work. Please return your preferences to me as soon as possible and at least by Friday 1/6 to facilitate next Tuesday’s discussion. Be aware I will most likely include your preferences on the publically viewable bulletin board. I have embedded formulas so, as you make changes, the work sheet will automatically calculate the number of subcommittee assignments per commissioner. Based on the conversation today, the preliminary distribution stands at:
Travillion 9
Three goals to consider as you weigh your options are:
A more even distribution of subcommittee responsibilities among the commissioners (preferably no more than 10 assignments each)
Fewer subcommittee responsibilities for the County Judge (and thus more opportunity for commissioners to interface on these issues)
Sunsetting of committees that have not met in the previous year or no longer have deliverables tied to County priorities (5 were identified as easily sunsetted with 2 more under discussion)

The following changes have been raised for consideration:
· Develop deliverables and timeline for our participation in committees external to Commissioners Court management such as
o TravCo, CoA, AISD Joint Committee
o Community Advancement Network
o Community Justice Council
o Greater Austin/ San Antonio Corridor Council (if not sunsetted)
o Regional Affordability Committee (if not sunsetted)
· Sunset (some of which were preliminarily agreed to today and marked in green in the spreadsheet)
o Sobriety Center Task Force
o CoA/TravCo subcommittee
o CoA/TravCo Public Safety
o Greater Austin/San Antonio Corridor Council
o Lone Star Rail
o Organizational Planning Team
o Regional Affordability Committee
· Assignments (some of which were preliminarily agreed to today and marked in green in the spreadsheet)
o BCCP – Shea interest in Daugherty seat
o CapCOG Emergency Communications – Shea interest in Daugherty seat
o CAMPO – Travillion interest in 4th seat (what has been small cities rep)
o CapDS – Travillion interest in Gomez’ seat
o Civil and Family Courts – Travillion interest in Eckhardt’s seat
o Community Advancement Network – Travillion interest in Shea’s seat
o Community Justice Council – Travillion interest in Gomez’ seat
o CUC Policy Committee – Eckhardt interest in Gomez’ seat
o Investment Advisory – Travillion interest in Shea’s seat
o ITS subcommittee – Eckhardt has interest in rolling off
o Operations Management – Travillion interest in Daugherty’s seat
o Purchasing Board – Travillion interest in Eckhardt’s seat; Daughtery interest in rolling off

Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt

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