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10/18 VS Agenda Item #6

3 years 9 months ago #209 by SarahEckhardt
Colleagues, on the 10/18 agenda item regarding interview questions for the next County Executive of Emergency Services, I will ask you all in open court if you will delegate to the Judge’s Office the task of compiling Mr. Hobby’s suggested questions as well as questions that each of you would like asked. I will then synthesize those questions into a single document on which the Court can vote in a special voting session immediately preceding the interviews. At the vote immediately preceding the interviews, each member of the Court will have the opportunity to review the draft list of questions and make motions for additions, consolidations or pairing down of the questions. Also at the vote immediately preceding the interviews, the Court can make a determination about whether all of the questions will come from the Judge or from individual members of the Court. Our practice in the past has been to have all prepared questions posed by the Judge and leave time for follow up questions by each member of the Court. This correspondence is also going on the Court's Bulletin Board.

Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt

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