What to do in Construction Zones

When you enter a road construction work zone, you are likely to encounter a change of road conditions, including rough pavement, narrow lanes, traffic barricades, slow-moving equipment, liquid asphalts (oil), loose gravel AND PEOPLE WORKING.

During construction within these work zones, normal road conditions are compromised and often the workers are concentrating on their work. Sometimes they are not intently watching out for the traffic that is passing through the zone. Most of these workers have families at home that are hoping they make it through the day safely.

While there are stiff fines for traffic violations in work zones, it is hoped that the main reason for driving safely in these areas is for the safety of the workers.

What you can do to help, is SLOW DOWN and drive the posted, or at an appropriate speed for the conditions. Also, read and obey all the warning signs.

We thank you for your patience while driving through these construction work zones. Remember, it takes time and skill to maintain our communities roadways so we all can enjoy a safe and convenient journey.

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