The Travis County Commissioners Court adopted Chapter 82 of the Travis County Policies, Procedures, and Regulations Manual. This policy, entitled "Travis County Development Regulations," (Chapter 482 includes right-of-way information) applies to the subdivision of all real property located in the unincorporated areas of Travis County. It includes procedures for preparing preliminary plans and final plats, layout requirements for streets and drainage systems, standards for street and drainage design and construction, fiscal security, construction permits and inspections, license agreements, and vacation of right-of-way easements.

The Travis County Transportation and Natural Resources Department reviews all subdivision applications for compliance with the adopted standards and provides recommendations to the County Commissioners Court which approves the subdivision plat for recording at the county clerk's office.

Groundwater Availability Regulations

Review the recently adopted groundwater availability regulations for new subdivisions.

Travis County Housing Finance Corporation

The Travis County Housing Finance Corporation was created in 1980 to assist in meeting the housing needs of low and moderate-income families in Travis County. The Corporation provides single-family home ownership (including down payment assistance) opportunities to first time homebuyers who meet certain income requirements. In addition, the Corporation issues tax-exempt bonds to finance the construction or acquisition of multi-family apartments that must provide rental units to certain low and moderate-income families. For more information visit the Travis County Housing Finance Corporation web site.

Subdivision Fees

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These standards apply to unincorporated Travis County. The county coordinates with all municipalities with the county to review subdivisions and building permits in their extra territorial jurisdictions. Please contact the Travis County Transportation and Natural Resources Department to determine if a dual review process is required.

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