Colorado River Corridor Plan


Travis County and the City of Austin, with technical assistance from the Lower Colorado River Authority, prepared the Colorado River Corridor Plan.

The plan’s goal is to provide orderly growth in the Corridor and help preserve and enhance the area’s many valuable environmental, economic, recreational and cultural resources.

The purpose of the Colorado River Corridor Plan (Corridor Plan) is to coordinate regional and local planning to facilitate the preservation and enhancement of the many valuable environmental, economic, recreational, and cultural resources of this region over the next 25 years. The Plan includes objectives for improved protection of local bio-diversity, preservation and restoration of floodplains and natural areas; the creation of parks, open spaces and greenways; enhancement of Corridor quality of life through the long-term reclamation of mined sites; and enhancement of mobility through capital project development and new transportation alternatives.

Plan implementation requires intergovernmental cooperation since multiple government entities are responsible for the various aspects of transportation, natural resource conservation and environmental protection in the Corridor. The Corridor Plan is designed to improve collaboration at the regional and local level, and to enhance public understanding of the valuable resources of the Colorado River within eastern Travis County.

Plan Documents

City of Austin: FM 969 Corridor

The FM 969 Corridor is one of four corridor programs the City of Austin voters approved in November 2010. The goal of this program is to identify short-, medium- and long-term transportation improvements to improve safety; increase mobility and accessibility for drivers, pedestrians, bicycles and transit users; and improve quality of life for the users and neighbors of the FM 969 corridor. FM 696 Corridor.

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