Conservation Easement Program

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Conservation Easements

Travis County has initiated a program to conserve land through conservation easement agreements with willing land owners. Conservation easements allow Travis County to retain open space and protect natural and cultural resources.

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  • Protecting our water resources and drinking water supply
  • Mitigating storm water damage by reducing the intensity of runoff entering waterways
  • Preserving working farms and ranches, particularly prime agricultural lands
  • Protecting natural areas and wildlife habitat
  • Preserving rural character, cultural resources, and scenic views
  • Protecting critical environmental features such as bluffs, canyon rim rock, sinkholes, and springs
  • Protecting woodlands, native prairies, grasslands, and riparian areas
  • Buffering different land uses
  • Promoting more efficient use of infrastructure dollars
  • Protecting land more cost effectively than fee simple acquisition of properties
  • Keeping property on the tax rolls (county-owned properties are not taxed)
  • Enhancing desirability of properties adjacent to conserved land
  • Leveraging Travis County’s investments through matching contributions from other public and private entities

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