Strategic Resource Planning is charged with promoting informed decision-making, particularly regarding budgetary allotments for facility investments and reinvestments, to optimize outcomes of the long-term. The division provides long-range planning and guidance to departments and to the County to ensure facility needs are met as they are needed.


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2015 Travis County Master Plan Update

This 2015 report focuses on strategies to meet the facility needs of Travis County today and in the future, providing a snapshot of where county government is today in the execution of plans to house county services. It includes a strategic assessment of the future potential uses of many county-owned properties. This report updates some elements of the Central Campus Master Plan and plans for other county properties as well.

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Central Campus Master Plan

The Travis County Central Campus Master Plan was completed in 2011 and approved in 2012, providing direction to meet the physical needs of Travis County’s activities in downtown Austin.

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Future Travis Civil & Family Courts Complex

A new Civil and Family Courts Complex is needed to respond to the demands on the current and future justice system. More information on the status of the project is available at the Civil and Family Courts Complex site.

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Adult Correctional System Needs Analysis and Master Plan Update

Travis County is current in progress on a needs analysis and master plan update for the adult correctional system, which includes Central Booking and the Travis County Correctional Complex. Phase I, the needs analysis, was completed in April 2015. Phase II, the master plan, was completed in January 2016.


Juvenile Probation Needs Analysis and Master Plan Update

The Juvenile Probation Needs Analysis and Master Plan Update began in April 2015. Phase I, the needs analysis, was completed in April 2016. Phase II, the physical master plan, begins in May 2016.

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Travis County North Campus Redevelopment Planning

Travis County is working on a Request for Proposals (RFP) for new development at a vacant site on Airport Boulevard. The County hopes to provide additional office space to house growing county services as well as mixed-income housing at the site to create a vibrant, mixed-use project for the area.


Ongoing Activities

  • Departmental Program Planning Guides
  • Staffing forecasts

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