Today we are excited to announce that Travis County Justice of the Peace, Precinct Two will be the first justice court in the country to offer online dispute resolution as a means to bring about resolution in civil lawsuits. This powerful tool will provide members of our community a way to resolve legal disputes without the need to appear in a courtroom.

Through a partnership with software provider, Tyler Technologies, we will be rolling out this pilot program in the coming weeks using a program called Modria.

Using Modria, the parties to a civil lawsuit will now be able to engage with each other with the desired outcome of reaching a resolution on their own, saving time, money and resources. In the event a resolution is not reached, members of the community will still have an opportunity for their day in court.

We believe this online dispute resolution tool will not only facilitate more resolution in legal disputes, but it will also create greater access to justice for the many members of our community who either simply cannot travel to the courthouse or must endure great hardship in doing so.

Providing online dispute resolution is another way Travis County Justice of the Peace, Precinct Two is working to help ensure all members of our community have access to a court system that will provide them fairness and justice. We hope our program will encourage other Courts to adopt this model and expand access to justice in other jurisdictions.