Preliminary Budget to keep County property tax bill the same for the average taxable homestead

The Travis County Commissioners Court is scheduled to receive a presentation on the Fiscal Year 2017 Preliminary Budget at the Hall of Justice in the County Administration Building, located at 700 Lavaca Street, at 1:30 p.m. on Aug. 18. County executives developed the Preliminary Budget as an efficient, effective, affordable and fair financial plan based on guidelines approved by the Commissioners Court. This budget strategically balances property tax affordability concerns against population-driven pressures and resident expectations for public services.

The tax rate used to balance the FY 2017 Preliminary Budget is 38.38 cents per $100 of taxable value, a reduction of 3.31 cents from the FY 2016 adopted tax rate of 41.69 cents per $100 of taxable value. Based on a tax rate of 38.38 cents, County property taxes for the average taxable homestead are expected to remain the same as in FY 2016, even though the average taxable homestead value is anticipated to increase by 8.65 percent. A tax rate of 38.38 cents would result in no County property tax increase for the average taxable homestead for the third consecutive year.

“The Travis Commissioners Court continues to be mindful of the ongoing affordability concerns in our community,” said County Judge Sarah Eckhardt. “We are working hard to balance the need for County services with the impact that taxes have on residents.”

The Travis County Commissioners Court remains committed to providing tax relief to homestead owners. Travis County offers a 20 percent homestead exemption, the maximum allowed by law. For additional tax relief, the Commissioners Court approved an increase to the optional homestead exemption from $75,000 to $80,000 for those homeowners who are 65 years of age or older or are disabled. These taxpayers must often rely on fixed incomes to pay property taxes on increasing homestead values, and the additional tax relief is designed to help them retain their homestead.

The FY 2017 Preliminary Budget totals $976 million and is approximately 2.6 percent more than the FY 2016 Adopted Budget. The FY 2017 Preliminary Budget is available on the Travis County website at:

Public hearings on the tax rate are scheduled for 9 a.m. on Sept. 20 and Sept. 23. The County is holding a public hearing on the proposed County budget at 9 a.m. on Sept. 27. The public is invited to these hearings and can offer comments at the beginning of each Commissioners Court voting session every Tuesday morning. The tax rate and budget are scheduled for adoption on Sept. 27.

Travis County provides law enforcement, the County jails, courts and prosecutors, roads, parks, social services, juvenile justice services, and emergency response and medical services.

Media Contact: County Executive, Planning and Budget, Jessica Rio, Tel: 512-854-4455
Submitted by: Travis County Emergency Services PIO Lisa Block, Tel: 512-854-7954

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